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Preview of my Herb Garden

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Just ordered the bulk of what I hope to be a nice little Herb Garden. I may try to build some kind of shelf/table type of deal to get them up to window-sill height for winter, as well as raising them for easier access for when outside on the deck. For the pots I ordered one of each color set, so will have 9 small pots for the nine herbs.

All of these are "live plants" so I won't have to worry about germinating seeds, etc... $3.75 per plant, and like $12 or 14 total shipping.


Hill Hardy Rosemary (Madeline Hill)

Garlic Chives

Mojito Mint

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

Dwarf Sage

Italian Oregano

Variegated Basil 'Pesto Perpetuo'

Caraway Thyme

Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Raum)


3 of: Robert Allen Home and Garden Selby Herb Garden Set

1 of: Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix, 8-Quart

1 of: Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix, 16-Quart

I'll post a pic of my set-up one I get it all set. Thanks to all of you guys and gals ongoing support and advice and camaraderie. I wouldn't have the inspiration or ambition to do any of the outside-the-box without this nurturing environment.

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Thanks everybody. I've never tried them inside OR out, so it will all be new to me. Figure I'll go into the winter with no expectations of them making it through, then replacing whatever doesn't make it. Like i tell my boss all the time, if you lower your expectations you wont be as easily disappointed. Once the pots get here I'll try to figure out some kind of rack or shelf. Have a couple ideas already.

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I'll be following this thread with interest.  I really hope that this works out for you.  I haven't had a lot of luck when I tried growing herbs, especially in containers.  This year I tried a few starter plants, and while my thyme is growing great, my basil isn't.  I think it must need a much bigger container than the window box i've got it in.  The basil plants I put in my garden are huge and vibrant.  Please post pics when you get things assembled.

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Awesome !!!!!!!









I cant's wait until I actually retire in 17 years........so I can proceed with an herb garden of my own. :)


Methinks my nerves will need a rather expansive herb selection by then. :rofl:

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