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Found a Cooking Grate Lifter that Works - and won't break!

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I eventually got tired of flipping up the little trap door and grabbing my cooking grate with a heat-proof glove and sought out a proper grate lifter. I first bought the fancy looking SR grate lifter that has a spring loaded squeeze handle mechanism, and it broke right away. I returned it for a replacement, and then that one broke quickly too. I finally welded the grabber (that goes beneath the grate) back on myself, and after a month or so it broke again so I gave up on that design - and keeping it working.


This led me to the Internet and a search on eBay which yielded this simple bent and welded stainless steel rod version:


14780552635_fda24d3a2a_z.jpgGrate Lifter1 by ski_freak1, on Flickr


14780208962_bee8524638_z.jpgGrate Lifter2 by ski_freak1, on Flickr


I've been using this one for several months and it's no effort to keep working. When you lift the grate out you can set the lifter and the grate right down on anything heatproof - I use a granite "Cutting Board" (which I put in quotes because I would never cut on granite.

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So far my squeeze one is holding together BUT I have had to bend part od it back in alignment.  It could break quite easily. The one that you have looks like it will do the same thing and as you say it will never break. If I had access to a couple of pencil rod that they use to hang drop ceilings I would try to bend one my self. I bent two hooks with what I had but this design is far superior.

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