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Chicken Stuffed with Mushrooms, Spinach, Bacon, and Swiss

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Looks like they used the "pouch" method. Stick a paring knife directly in the middle of the fat end of the breast and cut to the edges, careful not to poke through entirely and leaving a half inch margin on all sides. I use this method when making chicken courdon bleu... you can just roll up ham and cheese slices and stuff it in there.

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Yes, very inspirational; however, I think I will make a pan sauce with the stuffing mixture instead of put it inside the chicken.  I'll top the chicken with the cheese and then pour the sauce over.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  Thanks for the post.


I just pouched my breasts and started brining them with tomato paste again (that turned out really well the other day) hoping that flavor gets inside. I'm also going to have the spinach on the side and save the pocket strictly for cheese. Wrapping the whole thing in bacon. :)

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