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Chicken Stuffed with Mushrooms, Spinach, Bacon, and Swiss

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Dave, thanks for these ideas to improve on my idea.  Will do!  Did you do a thread on your chicken?  Sorry if I don't remember.


Ya know, I'm looking all over my usual hangs and apparently I didn't post it. Must have just been chatting with someone about it. Anyway, I just brined chicken thighs in water, salt, soy sauce, and tomato paste the other day and they turned out incredibly flavorful after 4 hours. The only oddball from my normal brine is the tomato paste, so I think the extra glutamates do lovely things to chicken.

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Just as improv said I used the pouch method. It worked a lot better than the last time I tried this and sliced open the side like butterfly.

Here is a video that helped a lot.

Thanks for posting the video.  Very helpful.

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