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Stuffed chicken fever

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I know I wasn't the only one inspired tonight by bigldevil20's thread. I set to this meal shortly after seeing that one.


My breasts were "pouched" and then marinated in a brine with tomato paste. That is my new power ingredient. It adds a ton of flavor. After 5 hours, they were stuffed with mozzarella, asiago, and goat cheese with herbs and wrapped in bacon. Decided halfway through the cook that the bacon wasn't going to cut it. So I pulled it off, crisped it up a little more in a pan and put it with the spinach and shallots under the chicken to finish. My ladies were into it, and so was I!





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Stuffed boob?? Ha, I like it. That is a nice looking stuffed boob.

Although most guys would prefer natural boobs we are more than willing to look at pictures of stuffed boobs.

Oh wait ......... This is a food forum - my bad.


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Okay, I will do the brine and stick a lemon slice inside to keep the pouch open for maximum flavor.  Then I will stuff with swiss cheese, maybe something else I have in the fridge, and grill.  Then I will remove chicken to rest and make the bacon/spinach/mushroom base.  Still needs a finishing sauce though I think.  Working on that one.  Dave, I like how you served the chicken on top of the spinach mixture, so that's what I will do.

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