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With all the talk lately, I had to try.

Used a foil covered cookie sheet with a cooling rack.


My mixture was

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Just enough for 8 slices of thick cut bacon. A light coating on the bottom and a medium coating on the top.


Indirect at 400*. I was trying for 375* but the Akorn went stable at 400* and who am I to argue with the kamado.

38 mins. Set timer for 20 mins and checked every 5 mins after that.


I've never had them before. Damn they are good. I even tried one with Hersey syrup.

I have some bacon left and will make some fancy ones in the next couple of days.

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At 40 mins mine were overcooked, so you just totally validated my thought that it needs to thick cut stuff. Coolness. I'm definitely trying this again with some of the thick cut peppered bacon I have in the fridge.

After you posted your experience I was very careful about setting the timer and checking every 5 mins. I actually liked the ones on the end better (they were a little more crispy)

Next time I'll pull the crispy ones and let the others cook another couple of mins.

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Also good with a little cayenne pepper to compliment the sweetness.

Yes definitely gave it some thought as most recipes on the Internet call for some amount of heat. Unfortunately the other 2 in the house don't really like heat (Yea it sucks) so I caved into their tastes and went cinnamon instead.

Next batch will make some with a heat component.

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