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Day 10: Salmon Burgers

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Rough day at work and needed something fast and filling and reasonably healthy for the grill. I had a couple of cans of salmon floating around the pantry and a mess of spices and other ingredients. 


I mixed together the salmon (drained and bones picked out) with: 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup breadcrumbs, a minced onion, 3 cloves minced garlic, and finely chopped capers. Formed into patties:



Brought the grill up to nearly 500° and laid the patties directly on the grill:



3 mins per side and then a very gentle flip, 3 more mins and then off:



Serve with a tarragon herbed aoli:



On a toasted bun with some greens:



All in all a very tasty meal, quick and easy to prepare. Next time I'm going to try this with fresh, raw salmon that I grind myself. 

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Dadgummit Girl!  It ain't Friday and you're serving fish!?  I'm afraid I'm gonna have to confiscate that cook what me being Catholic and all!  Fish on Wednesday!?  Next thing you know you'll be trying to talk me over to the dark side and have me cook fish tomorrow!  And that "AIOLI" stuff, purely evil!  One taste and you're hooked.  Evil I tell you!


Verily I say unto thee, even though thou hast greatly sinned, I do like the looks of that food pron thou art displaying!  Doest thou think we could see a bit more on the 'morrow?


Very nice cook!

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    • By ret42
      Still fairly new to smoking in general, let alone on the Kamado, but my favorite thing to smoke on the MES was salmon. Despite my best efforts, I never managed to screw it up. Figured with a sale on wild caught Sockeye at Fresh Market, it was a good time to test my luck on the Joe. I started out with the brine recipe here: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/final-smoked-salmon-with-recipe-instructions-and-qview.91264/
      Here's the shot after the brine:

      My biggest concern was keeping the temperature low. After some suggestions from some of the guys on here, I found the biggest, lumpiest blocks in the bag and started the fire:

      Salmon went on the grill immediately to warm up with it.

      This was also my first cook with the MEATER Block, so I got to test that out as well. There was definitely some disparity between the two probes, but I'm going to give them a few more rounds before I write em off. I'm curious what anyone else's experience with these is.

      Mandatory. Huge fan of bourbon, and coffee, and stouts. If you haven't had anything from Alltech Brewing, I highly recommend it!

      Almost done

      And complete.

      Graph of the finished cook from the MEATER app. I may have fallen asleep towards the end, there. Notifications weren't super notifying.

      I'd definitely call this cook a flying success. If I keep this up I may even sell the MES.
    • By Smoke and Awe
      My goal was to get this done last Friday, but life intervened.  However, today is a beautiful Northwest day at the beach, and I could do this with the ingredients I had on hand.  The recipe is for Brazilian Salmon Stew (Moqueca), and I used wild caught Coho Salmon portions, in a braise of chopped garlic, green pepper, onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and the surprise ingredient, coconut milk.  The salmon portions were skinless, then marinated in a mixture of lime juice, cumin, sweet paprika, s & p.  I've never skinned salmon before, and it's a good thing I didn't have company as there wasn't enough salmon left for more than 2...
      The recipe called for layering the ingredients, but for just us I halved it, so ended up with only one layer, but no problem.  Used my trusty thrift store stoneware pan, no extra smoke.  Had to finish the meal with some garlic parmesan rolls from the freezer.  Like I said, easy and Nummy, as my husband said, but so simple in the kamado.  I used the dome as my casserole lid, so the salmon got a little color on it.  

    • By St1brew
      Friends brought over some yummy ground venison mixed with bacon and cheddar. Brushed the veggies with some evoo and seasoned with Montreal. Also did some prepackaged meatballs and hot dogs. Venison came out a bit salty but that was due to Montreal being added. I'm sure it would have been fine unseasoned. Too bad because the meat was moist and cooked wonderfully. Hope your Sunday was spent with friends or loved ones as well!

    • By DaddioWA
      Morning! So I've gone completely ham, literally speaking, since I got the Akorn back in November. I've smoked 6 different ham recipes.. and recently just picked up 5 spiral hams and threw them in the freezer because they were marked down to basically 80cents a pound from $3-4/lb I got i got 10-14lb hams for basically $10-14  a piece. I quit buying deli ham all together and now we use strictly the smoked hams for sandwiches, throw some in the skillet for breakfast sandwiches, as well as using it for dinner in general of course... 
      That said.. I've done nothing but hams and and steaks on it since picking it up.. done burgers a few times and they are always phenominal.. in fact the family prefers them the next day even more I think so I usually make about 20 patties... really wishing I had a bigger surface area at this point because i'd make more if I could.
      That said, I'm doing burgers for the wife and her girlfriends when they get off work tonight and am interested in some recipes outside of the typical burger.. My general prep tends to be make patty, season, sit for 20 mins in fridge.. cook.. last 1-2 mins slather with BBQ sauce and some garlic cheddar cheese slice and then serve them with baked beans on top of the patty.  It's a favorite.  I'd like to change it up though and hoping you guys have some favorites you might recommend. Im really looking in to some sort of stuffed burger but I'm open to all sorts of recipes like maybe a minced garlic and onion bacon cheddar burger or similar.
      Look forward to the great suggestions you folks will have!
    • By Charcoal Addict
      We all know the impact brine can have on poultry.  There’s a lot more foods that can benefit from great brine.  The idea to brine salmon came to me while watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen.  The ladies were pan searing salmon but I felt the brine would also have a huge impact on helping the fats to render quicker creating a moister and more tender salmon.  
      I also took some additional advice and pulled the farmed salmon at 125 F.  The result was salmon perfection.  A moist flaky and buttery salmon without using any butter.  The rendered salmon fat did all the hard work
      Brining creates one of the best salmon’s I’ve made in a while. 
      Brine in a large container:
      - 3 1/2 cups of water 
      - 1/4 cup of Dark brown sugar or Maple Syrup
      - 1/2 of full of lemon juice 
      - 1/4 of Kosher Salt
      Let it sit in the fridge for for 4 hours, then cook at 300 F with Beech smoking wood until you reach an internal temp of 125 F for farmed salmon or 120 F for wild salmon 
      You can see the results in the image below with with the sweet salmon fat bubbling up to the surface.  The result of brining. 

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