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    • By philpom
      This was an outstanding meal and pretty easy to cook.  The veggies cooked in a foil pack with a little pork rub and olive oil.  The loin cooked indirect at 300°f for about 90 minutes and was pulled at an internal temperature of 148°f.

      I cut this open, dusted with some pork rub, cream cheese and fresh spinach out of our garden. 

      Tied it up nice and tight and put in in the preheated Primo.

      Just about ready!

      Yum, the spinach was juicy and the cheese creamy.

      The sprouts and asparagus steamed perfectly in their own juices and complimented the pork very well.

      Had to have something refreshing to finish this meal with!
    • By Shortyque
      First, a brief confession.  I have had a joetisserie for about a year, and only used it maybe 3 times.  Did a chicken, a turkey, for some reason just a little underwhelmed with the whole process, and then all the extra cleaning up.  Until today...
          Had a small pork loin in the freezer from my BIL's pig.  Watching John Setzlers video on spinning a pork loin, plus a recent post on the Facebook group made me decide to dig the Joetisserie out again.  Injected it with applesauce/apple juice mixture, slathered in mustard and coated with my wife's cajun spice rub.  After about an hour and 15 minutes of spinning at 325 degrees, we pulled it off and left rest for 10 minutes.  My wife thought I was going to break into tears with my first bite.  Words fail me to describe it.  The subtle flame kissed outside, the juicy inside, so soft you could cut it with a fork!  You can't buy food this good at a restaurant (at least not a restaurant I can afford).  Thanks again John for your excellent video.

    • By St1brew
      Butt on for about 15.5 hours overnight smoked over pecan. Put loin on this morning for 3.5 hours. Had to put more charcoal on about 12 hours. Loin was a bit dry, butt was awesome and moist with an awesome crust. Overall, pretty happy with the first smoke on the vision. Also learned a lot about "marathon" smoking and fine tuning temp adjustments. Temp got to 300 once or twice, takes a while to get back to 250....

    • By SmokinSteveBBQ
      You never know what Ole SmokinSteve is going to come up with next so be sure to Subscribe and leave comments. Thanks for watching...... Smoke On .... it’s all Good!
    • By skreef
      Herb and Citrus Chicken 
      I wanted to cook tonight for my family and I wanted something different.. I had Chicken. I want flavor.. So I found this recipe and it sounded so good. Had to try it.  
      I got my grill temp up to 375* 
      Ingredients for Chicken 

      Everything in and put on grill 
      Chicken done

      Money shot

      So for Dessert..
      Skillet Apples and Biscuits 

      I meted butter first 
      Mix up brownsugar, cinnamon and nutmeg 
      I then took each biscuit and dunk them in melted butter and dusted them with the brownsugar mix
      Layer them in a buttered skillet and poured the rest of the butter over them and added the apples(since I can't peel Apples yet,  I use can compote) sprinkle the rest of the brownsugar over the top. 

      On grill shot

      Serve with Vanilla Ice cream.. 
      Thanks for looking
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