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Day 16: Meatloaf & Cauliflower

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I dedicate tonight's cook to @Improv and @bjunge (Cauliflower and Meatloaf, respectively.)


H had to visit a friend in the hospital tonight and needed comfort food and reduced stress. So while he was gone I threw together a meatloaf using my usual recipe (burger, eggs, Worcestershire, breadcrumbs, toasted onion) and put a whole cauliflower on to grill.


It also gave me a chance to use my cool new meatloaf pan with the holes to let the grease drip out. 



After about 40 mins (at a hair under 400°) I tested the cauli (not quite done but looking good):



and poured some Stubbs Sweet Heat on the meatloaf and tossed on some baby zucchini (not pictured)



15 mins later, everything came off the grill. I quickly pulsed the cauliflower in the food processor with about 1/4 packet of cream cheese and a couple of chunks of cheddar. 



Thanks to both of you above for a GREAT meal. It was well received on a crazy Monday night. 




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Thanks guys! I got the pan at the Williams-Sonoma outlet just north of me. I was looking online for it and they don't have this exact one on their website. 


Oh wait ... found it ... it looks like it's no longer available. I guess hence my finding it in the outlet store. 



I think this is the one that replaces that one:


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Another great meal in the series. 


BTW -   you can cook it 'naked' without the special pan. I cook it on the Kamado as a ”turned out” meatloaf (cooked outside the loaf pan).

Mix your personal favorite meatloaf recipe. Before placing and firmly pressing the meat in the loaf pan, line the pan completely with plastic wrap to permit it to be easily unmolded. Place the meatloaf in the pan in the freezer for about 5 minutes to firm up the outside of the loaf. Unmold the loaf on a suitable flat pan onto a piece of parchment paper slightly larger than the loaf (so you can just slide it from pan onto the grill). Remove any plastic wrap and discard. The parchment permits handling the loaf and transferring to the grill and is used in the initial phase of the cook.  Add your favorite rub on the unmolded loaf.   


Set and preheat your  Kamado for indirect cook.  Place the meatloaf on the grill on the parchment paper using the paper as a means to transfer the meatloaf intact to the grate. Cook on the paper until the loaf has begun to setup and cook into a unit. Using a long cooking turner (or two) gently lift/slide the meatloaf off the parchment paper and directly onto the grill grate. While not essential to do this step, I like that it gets the underside of the meat browned up and flavored and allows the fat drip away from the meat. Add your desired sauce in the later part of the cook.


And ... no cooking pan to have to scrub!

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Yum! Great job on that! I'm glad I could provide some inspiration.


I also eschew loaf pans when grilling meatloaf. I've had success direct and indirect using a tray such as this:


I make my loafs wide and flat to get as much surface area to mass as possible for smoky, barky, glazey goodness! Oh man, this is the second meatloaf I've seen recently that's gonna make me have to do one this week...

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Thanks everyone. @Smokehowze I love your method for meatloaf and @Improv, I'm definitely going to try another one on my griddle. The glazy, crusty goodness is the best part of the meatloaf! :)


I will admit that the main reason I used the pan is that I found it for $8 at Williams-Sonoma and .. well ... yeah. :) Impulse buy, thy name is Kara. 

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