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Simple baked chicken

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Cooked inside this evening, so I wanted to get some smokey flavor from that habanero.  It did the trick without getting too hot.








Added minced garlic, portabellas,  & Don's Seasoning Delight (also used some of this DSD cooked into the rice) & some boneless chicken breasts on top.











Diner bell sounded !!!!










I added some leftover cheesy Stouffer's  casserole to the ever hungry teenager's plate.






The adult version was some rice with good stuff on top and a chicken breast.








Next time I'll double.......nah.....triple the amount of portabellas I use.


The Don's mixed into the vegetables and into the rice before cooking was the ticket.   Had the house smelling great.  Versatile product that I can't recommend highly enough to the fine folks here at Kamado Guru.



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Those chicken breasts look beautiful - nicely browned on top. 


It must be a chicken breast kinda day. I've got stuffed ones on the grill now. 





The browning was an unexpected  result of the rubs used:  KJ Poultry, Dizzy Dust-coarse and Mad Hunky-wing. I got lucky. :)

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Looks delicious! But I got one question where's the adult beverage? You need some suds to wash it down especially since your using habanero:)



Agreed.  Zero desire for anything other than two cups of coffee and tons of water today.  I'm gaining on the cold.  Working tomorrow and Thursday and then a good long weekend where there will be more habaneros in something an maybe a bottle of suds.

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Thanks everyone !!!!



Enjoying the start to this weekend.     Chilling out for a bit and watching the latest episode of Hard Knocks.










I'd sit down and eat at your dinner table,anytime.



And you'd be welcome, anytime, too.    :good:









I've had two boneless chicken breasts soaking in some evoo & key lime juice for two days.





Just went with some ingredients that I had on hand....vidalia onion, shiitake mushrooms, jalapeño and some Wicked Que mango rub.














It may turn out horrible.....or it may turn our decent.  Well see.   Used a basket that will allow stuff to drain off as I'll probably be putting the yardbird into a salad once done and cooled.





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Took 'em off when they hit 165 internal.










Chopped.....chilled......and ready to top a salad.


















This dressing was killer on top of this combination.




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      The Jah Love had been mixed with peanut oil as per instructions on package....and the wings were slathered with it and had 36 hrs to soak in the fridge.

      The Wicked Que rub went on at the same time.

      Yesterday afternoon I bought another pack of wings and hit 'em with the AP/5spice rub just before going on the grill.

      The Jah Love was good, but just what I was hoping for.  I prefer making jerk seasoning fresh and letting the bird soak in it.  That being said, it was a good flavored rub and shouldn't be expected to trump freshly made jerk seasoning.

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