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Saffire owners, got any problems, questions or suggestions for Saffire?

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I am meeting Steve the owner of Saffire at the weekend at and before a trade fair over here and am open to taking any grieveances, suggestions or questions you may have with me to try and get answers...just let me know if you have....I will also ask his permission and get the new 2014 details of what they have done to the product line on here including the new warranty stuff

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Well fellow owners have no fear Steve has promised to give me info and answer any questions or address any complaints you may have, so if you like just post here and I can root them back (which of course with issues you can get onto Saffire yourselves)....if you don't get the support you need I can have a word as I have struck up super communication with Steve and he really wants to hear from his owners....which I find a great thing, he is passionate about his product and what it does...much like I have heard from several other manufacturers......we don't see this often in Europe and I fid. it refreshing to see such customer interest and focus on satisfaction and service...

Well let me know guys.....offer remains open....ps will add a few piccys and Infos as to the 2014 products and changes...when my tired feet have rested

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Thank you for your Safire "insider source," CharlieB. This thread will be an invaluable source for Safire owners. Now we just need more Safire owner to join up, here. Jump on in, Safire owners, the water's fine... :)

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Ski freak I havent yet found one person with any issues either, I know that Saffire owners are not on the forums but their sales are aparently doing real good after talking with Steve and his son - so its not like there arent enough owners out there


....dont know why we dont see more guys on the forums...maybe they are the 'use it 3 times a year' kinda guys thus spending time in a forum isnt their thing....never mind


....but it would still interest me to hear from anyone with issues.


Steve is also very open to any ideas or improvements/ thoughts that his users have....spent a good few hours over 3 days with the Saffire father n son combination...great guys and a family business...endeers me even more to the product I have grown to love....and the fact I got the XL show how much the product has grown on me is also a testimonial ;)

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A friend told me about this forum when I told him I bought a Saffire. How do others find this place? I guess a web search would get it started.

Anyway, I went to buy a Weber S330 natural gas grill & Steve was there with the Saffire. I looked at both grills but when Steve showed me the difference I bought the Saffire. Glad I did. By the way, Steve lives one block down from me. I need to stop by his place & get some more pointers. Great guy. Good neighbor.


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@bnelsonr how cool...please make sure you say hi for me...from the guy that made sure they were looked after in Germany, he was at our place for a small cook and to see a little normal German life...he's a great guy and really believes in his product and what he is doing...great family business too...I picked up the XL black silver edition...nice.....hinge is heavy duty, bigger bands....and what a great size

....I played with the big Joe, Primo XL at the trade fair as did my other half...the Saffire was despite equal or almost equal ceramic thickness and similar sizes the easiest to open

....not sure whether something was wrong with the big joe at the trade fair but it was unbelievably hard to lift the lid! Don't think it would have been normal function....it was literally like doing a workout...was not a good example to use as a showcase at the biggest eu trade fair, the distributor showing it should have got that sorted...I was shocked. They only showed one of each size Kamado and little to no accessories which was disappointing, the stand was very small and was shared 50:50 with cold smokers...I was looking forward to seeing all the stuff we see in John and Andy and all the other KJ posters write ups first hand

.....was also a shame not to see KJ there as a company. Primo and Derald were there with quite a few grills and accessories they are a great looking piece of kit too, other companies were also present as well as their distributors in the next stand...

The European market is kicking off and the German market is an affluent one, all the companies need to get a move on BGE have flooded the starting market

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Hi guys I'm a saffire owner and am in Melbourne Australia , we struggle to get any info about the saffire out here and back up support isn't what it should be. Am interested in the XL and went to the website and didn't find anything . I strongly believe the saffire is a far more superior grill than most . But we need the support out here in OZ

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    • By eeichhorn
      For anyone interested, the Joetisserie fits and works perfectly on the 19" Saffire Kamado.
      Here are some pics of my last cook.
      Chicken doner recipe with homemade pita, turned out delicious.

    • By KamadoGriller
      Hello, I have had my Saffire for about a year and a half now and wanted to be apart of a Kamado community where i can learn some new recipes and tips.
      I mostly have smoked turkeys (as you can see from my profile picture) and each time i amazed with how juicy a delicious the turkey is.  I never liked turkey before because every time i had turkey it was dry, but now i love it ever since i have been smoking it on my Saffire. That is my testimony on why i believe Ceramic Grills are the best and now I never want to have any meat unless it is done on a Ceramic Grill.

    • By CharlieB_DE
      ...So there are as mentioned 3 levels and 3 sizes of Saffire...
      the 19" and the XL 23" and new next year the 15"....
      they come in two different colours, Jasper Red, Onyx Black....next year there is a special edition the Blue Platinum....which is a great colour
      the bronze edition is where all metal parts are galvanised and then powder coated black - not just powder coated like some others
      the silver edition is where all parts are 304 stainless but with a 202 cart and bamboo side shelves
      platinum edition is all metal 304 plus cart plus side shelves in 304 but is the blue colour grill
      a customer can order the silver and upgrade to the full 304
      new also the stainless handles which are really great...so much I had to get one for my XL....
      the stainless side shelves, stainless casters/wheels and stainless handle can all be ordered seperately to upgrade any existing grills...

      here are some pictures of the XL 23" hinge system....it is sooo heavy duty...makes light work of the lid lifting and I guess I could tighten it so that it almost soft closes when let go....but I am too chicken to do it and rely on it

      more pictures of the diff parts....

      ...if you need any more inof or have questions just let me know...there is a sales guy from saffire (JohnG) who is also now on Guru site you can contact him directly....I am just an enthusiastic user who knows the owners well....

    • By backyardgriller
      So the #1 request I've had from the Mrs is pizza.  Well we finally found a night
      we could do it.
      Mrs. byg & the little one made up the pizzas while my oldest supervised the kamado as we brought the temp up.
      Fired up a couple of these to feed the family.  They were delicious.   I've never seen my girls eat like that before.
      The only thing missing was a big plate of wings to go with them.

    • By BlackSophie
      I'm new to this forum, but as I'm in the process of shopping for a kamado style grill, I've found the posts here to be invaluable in putting all the the different brands in perspective.  I'm considering the Saffire, but don't see any current posts regarding this grill.  Does anyone have updated info for me to digest?  I can plainly see the hardware is superior, but what I can't know is the quality of the ceramic.  So here is another question....is all ceramic created equal?  Is BGE ceramic the same as Saffire ceramic and Kamado Joe ceramic?  At this point I've narrowed the search down to BGE, Kamado Joe and Saffire.  However, this is still a wide open field for me.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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