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Man Cave Hot Dog Chili

John Setzler

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Looks and sounds awesome! I personally love no bean chili.

Keep in mind that THIS chili is not a typical chili. It's not really made to eat alone as chili. It's specifically designed to go on dogs, burgers, nachos, etc... it's a condiment chili :)

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That was some good chilli. Wife loved it very much also.

Im actually going to use this recipe this weekend for about 60 people..

Will report back after this weekend on how it goes.

Thanks for this yummy chilli.

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I made this chili again this weekend for our hot dogs.


Once again I was blown away with the excellent flavor.




It is a perfect hot dog chili around my house.  The beer used was simply a Yuengling Light.

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Oh I'm glad this got bumped, or I'd never have seen it. I am definitely going to make a big batch of this and freeze some. I love chili dogs, but you gotta have just the right kind of chili to make it work!

It captures all the flavor that i personally like on a hot dog.....i just put some shredded cheese on top and let it ride. :)

John's recipe makes a huge amount of it, too.

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