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Emson Electric Pressure Smoker


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Probably the wrong place to post about this but here is goes anyway.

I have a vision kamado which i love to bits,but as i live in central ontario i only will use it for 1/2 a year (i may technically be able to use it all year but when the temp drops below zero and the snow is constantly falling i lake the motivation to spend any time in my back yard or outside).


So to appease my need for smoked meat all year long i bought a emson indoor pressure smoker.The idea is that you add a few wood chips and a 1/2 cup of water and it smokes and pressure cooks at the same time halving the cooking process.

One of the guys from work was giving it away so i said i would gladly give it a shot.So today seeing as it supposed to be thunder showers and generally a crappy day im going to try smoke a 3lb chicken. According to the the recipe on the website(see below)


i will have a fully cooked chicken in 45mins. Now according to the guy i got it off it cooks very moist chicken due to the steam and pressure but the skin is rubbery so i will broil it once its finished to hopefully crisp up that lovely skin.


Pictures will follow. I just have to clean it up a whole lot before i could consider putting food in ti.

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Ok so  i used booty rub on the chicken with some olive oil.Put it into the emson with a 1/2 cup of water and 3 large chips of cherry wood.It took 45 mins to cook and when it came out it was super moist and the wings were starting to fall off.I put it on a skillet and put under broiler for about 5mins to crisp the skin up.It had a nice smokie taste.For the 20bucks i paid for it,it is a nice bit of kit.







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the pro's are -being able to smoke in your kitchen
                    -smokes in 50% less of the time

                    -super moist and succulent meat


      cons - Clean up was a pain

              - obviously dose'nt smoke as well as a kamodo

              - bark is non existent because of steaming

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