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Kamado Joe - Gasket Replacement

John Setzler

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Excellent video, John.  Thank you for shooting and posting this.




I have a new KJ gasket and will be replacing the old one on my BigJoe soon.  



This very well made video really helps.  



I will be following the steps as you detailed......especially the rise to 350 and the shutdown afterwards.

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Great video John.  Couple of questions, I've got a 4" grinder with a wire brush attachment, do you think that would be too agressive and possible cause damage? Is the 12 hour 'cook in' in time typical for all grills?

Reburg - when I've changed my gaskets I use the same 4" wire brush you're talking about, but use it with a VERY light and deft touch. All you want to do is get down to bare ceramic. I start off by stripping off the old gasket by drenching the old gasket with acetone, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then start scraping that old gasket off with a putty knife. Then and only then do I bring up the wire wheel to get the last few pieces/parts of the old gasket off.

On your Primo, unless they have changed things, you don't need to do a burn in as is the case on some other kamados. You're ready to go out of the box! Enjoy!

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I did a gasket replacement on the bowl the other day.  I really shouldn't have had to do it so soon - I just purchased back in the fall.  But......I have been way to careless in using a wire brush to scrape my grill between cooks.  As a result, I had worn the gasket off the front and sides - at least in places.  I was getting smoke leakage and a piece of paper would slide easily out when I had the lid down.  I followed the video instructions except for the wire brush part.  I used a Scotch Brite paint stripper on my drill...





I used a light touch but I think it was easier on the ceramic than a wire brush.

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Followed John's video this afternoon and had my new KJ gasket in place in no time.








Afterwards I dumped the remainder of a bag of RO lump in there and lit it up along with several pieces of hickory.



It really began smoking hard and I could clearly see a leak around the back that had been driving me nuts lately.   I used the tools included with my BigJoe and made a few easy adjustments and it allowed the dome, base and hinge to fit together like a vault.


Smoke stopped at leak and began to pour out of the top vent....and only out of the top vent.







Thank you, John, for taking the time to make the instructional video.  Good stuff, indeed.  100% accurate and on the mark.





I'm leaving my BigJoe fired up and smoking at 250 overnight.  Time to go grab a shower and take the wife out for the evening.  








I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning's coffee and butts & ribs going on the BJ.

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I'm not really happy with this grill. I've replaced all the gaskets twice and even adjusted the stainless steel hinge, tightened the stainless steel band and guess what, it still leaks. I've even sent a email, no response and that was a week ago. So what should I do now?

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