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John Setzler

Kamado Joe - Gasket Replacement

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14 minutes ago, J-Do said:

No, I'll have to try that. The gasket is for sure shot at the back, though. Right at the hinge point. I noticed smoke pouring out the back last weekend, and today I noticed it was fully compressed and peeling back (inwards), I figure I would order a replacement soon. Just wondered if there any any tricks on lining everything up while doing a replacement.


If you have smoke pouring out you probably have an alignment problem and not a gasket problem.  I did a test a while back and cooked at 225 degrees for 10 hours with no gasket on my grill.  There was some smoke leaking initially but when the draft got going you didn't see it any more.  I'd go ahead and replace the gasket but if your dome is out of alignment it is going to give you problems again in a short time.,

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1 minute ago, John Setzler said:


If you have smoke pouring out you probably have an alignment problem and not a gasket problem.  I did a test a while back and cooked at 225 degrees for 10 hours with no gasket on my grill.  There was some smoke leaking initially but when the draft got going you didn't see it any more.  I'd go ahead and replace the gasket but if your dome is out of alignment it is going to give you problems again in a short time.,

It does "feel" out of alignment. I've owned it for 3 years now, and it feels off. I was also able to slip a credit card under the dome lid in the front. I'll loosen it back up and report back. Thank you!

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Anybody replace the fiberglass gasket in the 2017 Classic?  Mine needs to be replaced (received damaged and waiting for parts) and sure would like to see what others may have done or better yet what mistakes to avoid.

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    • By BBQAdventures
      Well before the Tomahawk grabbed my attention yesterday I had been having a craving to try a leg of lamb on the Kamado Joe. What is more Australian than a lamb roast on a Sunday. Perhaps only beaten by some lamb chops on Jan-26th.
      Tonight’s dinner was a 2.3kg bone in leg of lamb, with the traditional accompaniment of roast pumpkin,potatoes and carrots.
      Decided to try indirect for the most part add some direct towards the end and finish with another short burst of indirect. For the most part it seemed to work and the end result was pretty spectacular. So good my wife and I didn’t even bother with a gravy….. The flavour straight off the Kamado was perfect , the lamb juicy enough to not need anything added.
      Kamado set up:
      75% new lump + handful of hickory chips both deflectors installed on the lowest position Xrack in the mid position both halves of the grill rack in the upper position. Reconfigure for Sear left deflector removed left grill rack in mid position Temps:
      Aimed for the 150C 300F mark for the majority of the cook For the sear part I reconfigured as above and opened the top vent aiming for 250c/450f Then for the final 20 minutes let it cool down to around 175c Duration:
      From when the veggies went in to when it was rested was around 3hr:30min mark
      Lamb trimmed of the really thick fat nothing to aggressive here as I wanted to have the fat render into the veggie pan
      Rubbed with oil, the STUBBS rubs , salt,pepper,garlic. Inserted pockets of fresh garlic and rosemary , let that marinate for a couple of hours. Veggies were a simple wash cut into largish pieced placed into the roasting pan with vegetable oil , olive oil salt pepper and some sprigs of rosemary. These were placed into the Kamado Joe on the xrack , under the top grill racks. I did this after the initial burn and whilst the Kamado was coming up to temperature, probably about 20 minutes before the lamb.
      Once up to temp ~150c on went the lamb to enjoy that kiss of smoke and soak up a couple of hours of heat. After around 2hr30min (internal temp 130F) I reconfigured the grill , removed the veggies and placed the lamb down closer to the charcoal to add that lovely smokey char turned a couple of times to ensure that browning effect on all sides. After about 20 minutes I put the leg back up on the indirect side to finish off. Kept checking the temps and decided to pull it off once I had a reading of around 140f. Wrapped for 10-15mins to rest and relax.
      All in all turned out awesome !!
      Learning for next cook.
      Get a remote thermometer would have helped getting to the precise temps. Let it rest for another 10 min or so. Learn how to carve a bone in leg ! Thanks for looking in.
      Joe on !!
    • By BBQAdventures
      Well today started off with a visit to the guys down at the "Low and Slow Meat Co. " Heard a lot of good things via facebook and decided to go check them out. Inspiration wasn't far away - I spied a massive Tomahawk steak. I turned to my wife and said - wanna give this one a crack ? What followed was an immediate "Hell Yeah !!"
      SOLD !! In the bag and away we went. Had to get a couple of complementary goodies while we were there. A great range of rubs and sauces..

      This steak was HUGE -  1.4kg and looked awesome in the vacuum bag.
      Prepped the Kamado Joe for an attempt at a reverse sear. The steak was exactly the right size and a prime candidate for the reverse sear method. New lump charcoal and about a handfull of hickory chips (not soaked) in , deflector low on the right side with the rack on the upper level (for the low and slow part of the cook) and the left grate on the lower level in preperation for the sear.
      For the initial part of the cook I was looking to come up to somewhere around 275F (130/140C). Based on the size , I figured it was probably going to need between 60 and 90 minutes to reach the desired internal temp. I was aiming for an internal temp of around 120° F - 125° F (48.9° C to 51.6° C) [rare] after the slow part of the cook. That way with the sear ~3minutes each side we would get to our desired finish temp of 130° F - 135° F (54.4° C to 57.2° C) [med rare].
      Set up:

      Once lit - inside to prep the steak. Pretty excited to try the Stubbs rubs.


      I decided to use both rubs , for the main part of the steak I applied a liberal coating of the STUBBS Steak rub , and for the actual bone part (which was quite meaty) I added the STUBBS Bar-B-Q rub. I am really glad that I did as the taste diference was amazing.
      Kamado up to temp and stable for about 15 minutes - time for the meat to meet the heat.. 275F (130/140C) for as long as needed to reach internal temps.

      In this case it was around 1hr 30mins and perhaps could have been off a couple of minutes earlier. Slightly warmer than I was aiming for. I pulled it off and it was around 127F. Wrapped in foil for the 10 minutes or so it took the Kamado Joe to come up to temp (Searing hot approx 500F/250C) and put it on the lower grill for 3 minutes each side.
      The sound and smell was simply amazing - I almost had a moment :-)
      Finished product



      Cook Summary :
      Total cook duration : Almost spot on 2hrs
      Low and Slow : 1hr 34m
      Rest 10 min
      Sear 3min each side
      Thanks for looking in
      Joe On !!

      Al pics in my blog post
    • By mhf89
      Just recently purchased a 2016 stand alone joe classic.  When I was opening the lid yesterday the back started to drop sliding the band over the lip.  I'm having difficulty trying to line it back up.  What would be the best way to get it back in alignment?  Posted a couple pics to help visualize the situation.  I did loosen the top band bolt to push it down somewhat but can't get it completely down.


    • By Smoque'n
      Quick question guys whenever I see someone interested in buying a used Ceramic cooker doesn’t matter the brand the topic of warranty comes up especially in regards to the fire boxes. My question is if you bought a used Ceramic kamado cooker and eventually the fire box broke then you make the decision to purchase a new fire box at that point you will have a full warranty on that Ceramic part correct. 
    • By LargeRedJoe
      I have a friend who has a Joe Junior but isn't much of a cook. They mostly grill steaks. He's asked me how to best cook a whole chicken in the Junior, and since I don't have one I thought I'd ask the Kamado Guru universe. I'm assuming he'll need the same basics as cooking in a full-size Kamado Joe (brining, rubs, etc.), but any tricks or tips specific to the Junior? 
      - George