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Houston, The KK BIG BAD has Landed!

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I just finished taking delivery on the Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32" we've been waiting for!  Also got 40 boxes of coconut charcoal.


First, let me say that Dennis Linkletter is a joy to work with.


Second, This thing is MASSIVE!  I can't begin to tell you what this thing looks like crated.  The top of the crate is just shy of 5' and its width is 44".  With all the accessories, it stands over my head, and I'm 6'1".


Third, this thing is so well packed/crated.  Now a scratch on the crate at all.  This came from Indonesia and it looks as if it were assembled right here in OKC.  Very, VERY impressive.


Ok, I"m on a mission.  Here is a beginner photo to whet your appetites. More to follow!




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Terrific, Ken! I’m looking forward to seeing updates on the unpacking and set up.


I should say that earlier this morning I thought to myself, “Hey! It’s 10 am Central time!” Then I called up Kamado Guru on my browser, and started hitting the “Refresh” button. Now I have carpal tunnel. ^_^

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Ok, back again!  Whew a workout unpacking this thing.  To say that this kamado is exceptionally well packed is like saying Moby Dick is a minnow!  


Robert - Yes, I've got instructions!  You make a wonderful point! The amount of thought and planning and craftsmanship that is immediately evident is truly remarkable.  Linkletter's company has thought of everything, things I never would have thought of at all until after the fact.  I'll point out what I mean as I go along.



Ok, so here we go.  I don't mean to be pedantic with the number of photos and verbiage, but I"m going to try and bring each of you into my garage as I get this Big Bad ready to cook.


The first thing I looked at was the Coconut Charcoal.  I ordered 40 - 20# boxes.  That came on it's own pallet.




When or if I ever move again, I'm asking Dennis Linkletter if his guys can come and pack and ship my stuff.  Here is a pic of the way each and every box of coconut charcoal is shipped.



As you can see, every seam is taped, and I do mean taped very well!  Now let's take a look at the coconut charcoal in its box.



All charcoal is wrapped in plastic.  To insure that condensation doesn't ruin the charcoal, there is a paper towel on top so that the charcoal doesn't absorb water and lead to problems in starting.


Now to the charcoal itself.




In the three boxes I inspected, only this one had a cracked piece of charcoal!  












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Wow I'm glad you got your KK CC, but I'm more excited that you figured out how to post pics:)

I'm thinking a porterhouse for your first cook. I wish we were neighbors I'd bring the beer in exchange to watch you cook on that bad boy.

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