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Day 28: Pork Shoulder Roast / Pork Butt


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I decided to go ahead and get a post started, since Day 28 might wind up bleeding over into Day 29. ;)  I got a very late start this morning and didn't get my roast on the grill until nearly noon. I'll come back and update with the final product at whatever time it winds up being done tonight. :)


About 4.7 lbs of boneless shoulder roast, tied up, and having sat in a rub of chili powder, garlic, salt, and a little brown sugar for a day or so.



On the grill ... cast iron diffuser and aluminum drip pan at the ready:



6 hours later, holding a stall at about 167°. I bumped the temp up to 300° and we'll see if we can get this baby off the grill before midnight. :)




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Came off a little after 9, at about 204 internal. Probing with a toothpick was like poking at a soft stick of butter. Definitely done. 


I wrapped it in foil and let it sit for about 45 mins. When I could handle it with bare hands, I unwrapped it and got to pulling:




It's really good. I threw in a couple of chunks of cherry wood just on a whim and the flavor is subtle, but there. It balances nicely with the spicy of the rub. The bark is crunchy and I could sit here and pick pieces of it out and eat them all, if I'm not careful! :lol:


The only thing about this roast that bothered me is taht there were a lot of bits of unrendered fat that I pulled out. I've never had a pork shoulder cook that long and be done and tender and still have large blobs of fat ... kinda weird. 



However, a rousing success and I suspect dinner tomorrow will be pulled pork sandwiches and slaw. 

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Looks really good. I wouldn't worry about the fat. Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't.

I usually eat so much when pulling, I'm no longer hungry when it's time.

OMG! I am the same way. I cant keep my hands and mouth away from it. When everyone starts eating they always ask "aren't you eating any?" Nope I'm stuffed.
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