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Oak table build for a KJ Classic

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Thought I'd try my hand at a bit of carpentry here in the UK building a table out of hardwood (oak).

I'm not a skilled carpenter but I'm pretty pleased with the result. This is largely based on the naked whiz design.


Used all oak wood (mainly 4x1" with 4x2" legs), I picked up a couple of stones (60cm square slate below kamado and 40cm square limestone for worktop) and oiled it with a natural finish - as much as I could. The cutout for the Kamado Joe Classic is just 22" which only really leaves about 0.5" clearance - I'm pretty sure this is enough as it's just got to allow for convection heat airflow as radiated heat should be minimal.


It's a surprising amount of work.


I've now ordered a BGE embroidered slatted table cover to keep it looking lovely. I'm hoping that this doesn't come with the BGE logo!! ;-)




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Well done buddy... impressive build!  Love the water at the end of the yard as well :-)


Yeah that's the mighty Thames - well upstream Thames anyway. We live on an island which makes for an interesting KJ delivery when the driver has to load it on to a boat ;-)


I've added the castor wheels today so just waiting for the cover delivery now and I'm all done.

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