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The random pictures thread...


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My son followed in my shoes and took up the saxophone. My dad is a musician, as was my grandmother (a Holocaust survivor). The crown jewel Christmas gift this year was my grandmother's old wind-up metronome, given to my son by my dad.

It still works, but has a bit of a hitch to it, so it's not totally symmetrical with the beat it keeps. I may look into getting it tuned up somewhere, if I can find the right place.


Very cool gift.



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Thanks! I think it's a Seth Thomas metronome. The wood on the outside is mahogany. Here's a shot of the inside of the cover. I can't make out the signature at the bottom, and haven't found another example online of one with a handwritten signature on the inside, or with the same instructions written on the inside. I'm going off the shape of the metronome and the shape of the badge that used to be on the front.



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