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Yes they do. The bottom cover comes off, exposing the gears, but there's a crack in mine that's been re-glued and fallen apart again (it goes through the "Made in France" stamp), and one of the feet and stuff falls off when I open it. So, I'm afraid to open it up any more than I have to.

Here's another site that has the same contact info, advertising that they work on Seth Thomas as well.


I think it would be cool to get the wood base restored to the point where you can pull the cover off without fear, find a replacement badge for the front cover, and tune it so it keeps time accurately.

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I got an email response from the metronome shop. They can't confirm whether or not it's a Seth Thomas from the pictures, only that it is very old. Old enough that they might not have the parts to repair it (Seth Thomas has been out of business for 50 years), and might only be able to replace the guts with new parts, which would mean drilling holes and stuff. I'm not really interested in doing anything invasive to it. It still works and is a great conversation piece, it just doesn't keep time well enough to use as a musician's tool.

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