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Kamado Fried Chicken (An Approach with Seasoning the Chicken Directly)


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My Version of Kamado Fried Chicken (An Approach with Seasoning the Chicken Directly)


Several of the comments made by the original poster on many of the recent Kamado fried chicken cooks was the inability to get the desired seasoning level on the final cooked chicken, particularly through just seasoning the flour.


This was a skin-on chicken thigh cook utilizing a technique I anticipated would kick up the final seasoning profile. And it did.


Because the flour coating is thin even if double flouring, I chose to go a different route.  I applied the main seasonings directly to the chicken with just a supplemental seasoning in the flour.


On the chicken itself went Montreal chicken seasoning, cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.   In the flour went black pepper and bit of salt plus some garlic powder. I could have also added the other seasonings to the flour but I wanted to evaluate just the main seasoning being on the chicken in this experiment.


Floured the chicken and let it rest, then floured again.  No oil on the chicken just the natural moisture.  The second flouring could probably have been eliminated. A bit of oil spay on the chicken before seasoning might be useful to try next time.


Placed in Big(Red)Joe on indirect at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes turning as needed and rearranging as required for uniform cooking of the various pieces as a function of temperature distribution over the deflector and heated air flow around the deflector.  I also added some mesquite wood.  Ran the internal of the chicken to about 180. 


After removing and setting, the moisture in a few of the chicken pieces started to soften the coating, so in hindsight maybe 5 more minutes on the grill might have been useful. Or just a single flouring and/or an oil coating might have caused more of a moisture seal and more frying effect on the interior of the coating in the shorter period of cooking time.


The result was reasonably crispy chicken with a great flavor both in the coating and in the skin and on the chicken.  The chicken itself was quite juicy – one reason of course being they were thighs.   


My main reason for posting was to share the result of this (successful) seasoning experiment. You might consider this seasoning approach or some variation thereof on your next Kamado fried chicken cook. 


 BTW--- the light mesquite smoke flavor from one small chunk was good on the chicken.  I was wondering how well the coating would absorb the smoke – either too much or too little – it came out fine.


I would appreciate any additional thoughts on creating the "ultimate" Kamado fried (oven baked) chicken.  We have seen a number of different approaches in the various posts all with good results but each seeming needing some tweaking to get to an ultimate fried chicken pinnacle.  


But in the meantime -  it's all good!



Kamado Fried Chicken



Seasoning the Chicken






After Baking



Crispy & Still Juicy (And Tasty Too!)








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