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...so it looks like the Pizza bug definitely set in  :ugeek:




Tomato sauce prep....




onions lightly browned off in Olive oil, with a little Vegeta (veg salt mix with very little salt), red wine added and lightly cooked off...then tomato, puree, pepper, worcester sauce for depth, a little balsamico and a little sugar to wake up the tomato flavour...




...taste test and done....




...prepped the toppings, goats cheese, figs, bacon, red onion, paprika (bell pepper), spanish salami, chorizo, serano dry aged bacon, prawns, salmon, anchovies, zucchini, mex chicken....and of course garlic....




...no not all of these on one Pizza!....4 Pizzas in plan...Fishy Pizza, Salami Pizza (not your ordinary Salami by the way), Meat feast....and after seeing the previous pizza posts here I had to try the goats cheese, bacon, fig kombo....!


....but which Saffire to use...?...




yup has to be the XL...lots of room, larger Pizzas....so added firelighters (yes some will say how many fire lighters ;) but I wanted a quick start and an even start on the whole coal surface)




if you see my fire ring got a break!....never mind for this cook it wont matter a bit....but have spoken with Saffire and they are getting me a new ring sent out from the US...as always speaking with Steve is a pleasure and no issues getting a new part (my first service experience as yet, with my other Saffire I have never had to use their service as i had no problems in any way)


but I also used the opportunity to order two extra cooking grids ;) that way with the new rack system I can cook on three full levels and on top use the extender for the fourth level....this will come in handy with big parties and with my cold smoking that starts in Winter...(smoked suasage, fish, cheeses smoked without heat...over 14 hours using sawdust and herb mixes)


let the firelighters burn out and closed the lid, opened up the daisy wheel and then the bottom vent leaving the spark guard closed to protect my decking





fire is looking good and kicking off.....is great having the chip feeder hole you can spy on the fire w/o affecting the temp at any time....plus later there is another benefit if you read on...




...back to the kitchen....roll out the dough, and get the pizza's finished...


post-3592-0-98187900-1411374091_thumb.jp post-3592-0-56366800-1411374094_thumb.jp 


all done...




by the time I got to finishing them and after the telephone call to Steve (Saffire) it had got dark again...man Summer is disappearing fast over here   :sad:




temp locked in good....




first pizza in...




5 mins, Pizza done to a tee....then one after the other


....each time I swapped the pizza out when I closed the lid i then used the sneaky feature on the Saffire and the new 2014 chip feeder....to add more coal or in this case some spare dry smoke chips that are used to boost the fire back up quick....


what is cool is you can fit smoking chunks in the new feeder and smaller coals...and all w/o opening the lid or disturbing the temp inside


...at first I thought nice feature but if I add the chunks at the beginning then is no great deal


....but I now add the chunks and chips when i want, how I want and also means if I decide I want a short smoke at the end of a cook I can do it too


....found this great with pizza...last 2 mins adding wet chips to get a smoky top flavour.... :mrgreen:


....I now love the feature :wub: ....I would like to swap my older saffire out for a new one just for this better smoking chip feeder too.....must speak with Steve see if he can do me a deal ;)






...and the pizzas....as always a Kamado Pizza is the best...and the goats cheese, fig kombo....absolutely regal guys....thank god you guys showed me the way with that topping...real good :woot:








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What is that tube all about by the way??

The Tube is the New Chip Feeder...Allows you to add smoke chips, chunks or coal without opening the lid...or like I did stoking up the heat after swapping pizza out....is nice...also allows a later smoke when wanted without losing heat...

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Thanks all by the way...is a real bug this pizza...is just a struggle holding my better half back with the toppings LoL! Poor pizza dough doesn't get much sight ;).... But I dont argue about it...that would be dangerous!....she wants 2/3 toppings she gets 'em

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that is a really cool concept.  I just typed that it would be nice for KJ to have some trap door so we didn't have to remove all the grills and deflector to tend to the fire through a cook.  Really neat concept!!!

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    • By Daz
      Have been busy with my other toy projects so the pellet Akorn has been cold for a while. Today kids want to eat pizza so I fired up the pellets akorn. It heats up to 500+ degrees in less than 10 min and the pizza was perfect. I fitted a WiFi PID controller and was going to tweak the algorithm but...too many projects! 
      Right now the temperature overshoots 50-80 degrees if set below 300 degrees, but gets better as it goes higher. 
      Anyway here is the pizza and the good looking grill haha.

    • By GrillDawg
      Decided to fire up the KJ for my first pizza cook last night. We had a bad stretch of storms come through and were under a tornado watch...but I was hungry so we made it happen
      Made my own crust using John's recipe. Toppings consisted of sausage, banana peppers, spinach and a honey drizzle once I took it off the grill. Decided to label this one "Sweet Heat."
      Had some trouble getting the KJ up to 900 but seemed to work fine at 750.
      Overall, it was really good. Can't wait for our next pizza night!




    • By DerHusker
      On New Year’s Eve we had our friends over for dinner.  They were getting up early to go to the Rose Parade so the evening ended early but we still had a great time.

      I made 2 pizzas. The first was a Hawaiian Pizza with red onion, black olives, Canadian bacon and pineapple.




      The second was a Meat Lover’s Pizza with red onion, black olives, peperoni and Italian sausage.




      Both were delicious but I have to say the Meat Lovers was my favorite.

      Thanks for looking.

    • By gander2112
      I got a bonus at work (a lot more than I expected, woot!) and I ordered me a Baking Steel. It is about 1/4" thick plate steel, and it is supposed to be great for making pizza. Tonight I put it to the test.
      Grill: Kamado Joe Classic III
      Charcoal: Lazzari Fuel Lump Mesquite (I used to use this when I was a professional chef, cooks clean and HOT)
      Dough: Ken Forbish's Overnight Pizza, from Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast.
      Sauce: fresh Maranzano tomatoes, some EVOO, with salt, pepper, and some basil and oregano.
      Topping - Pizza 1: Whole Milk Mozz, Sausage and Pepperoni
      Topping  - Pizza 2: Buffalo Mozz, Proscuitto
      Cook temp 650F
      The first pizza burnt a bit on the bottom. The steel cooks hotter than a pizza stone, so I am chastised. As a pro, I used to cook in a pizza oven at 625, but it was a standard pizza oven with a refractory brick baking surface. Not ruined, but not perfect.
      The second pizza was perfect. After a minute or two on the grill, I added a pizza pan under it to prevent the heat of the steel burning the bottom.
      Both pizza's: The crust was chewy, with great open crumb. Cheese melty and delicious, and awesome.
      Dinner: Success. 

    • By DerHusker
      I’ve made this pizza at least 10 times as it is my favorite. This morning I made up some pizza dough.

      Around 3:00 I prepped my kamado for pizza and lite it up to preheat. Around 3:30 I brought out my dough and all my ingredients.

      I applied a thin layer of BBQ sauce and some red onion.

      Then some red bell pepper and cilantro.

      Then some chicken breast I’d mixed up with some BBQ sauce

      and finally, the cheese.

      Placed it on the pizza stone in the kamado for approximately 8 minutes at 400 degrees.

      Here’s the result.


      As always, it was delicious.

      Thanks for looking

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