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Jerri's Version of Wendy's Chili

Smoke and Awe

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Thanks for posting your results, and I agree, of course, that the kiss of smoke cannot be duplicated but makes such a difference.  I, too, have to learn not to put more than one piece of smoking wood in my Akorn Jr., or even a few chips for bread or chicken.  Next time you make it and use your own tomatoes (which I think is fantastic!), you might consider draining and rinsing the beans.

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I'll probably go out and buy a small CI pot specifically to fit the Joe Jr. tomorrow. ;)

Check out this Lodge 5 Qt I just got. In fact, I am planning on trying Jerri's Chilli recipe as my first cook in it. Picked up the fixings tonight.


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I'm pretty sure that Lodge 5qt won't fit inside the Joe Jr. - maybe with the grate sitting on the fire ring, but even then I have my doubts. The small pot I used today sat on top of the rack that holds the deflector - I didn't use the grill which allowed me to save maybe a 1/2" of clearance.

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    • By Smoke and Awe
      Today it was supposed to rain, but as often happens here in the rain shadow, it is delayed or light.  Decided to get some chili going on the Akorn Jr., and when it's done I'll hope there is enough heat left for the Tuscan Soup that Andy posted yesterday.  This is my favorite Wendy's chili (Jerri's version) and I'll post a recipe another time.  Monday is my laundry, cooking, roasting coffee day; getting ready for the week.
      For those of you who have an Akorn Jr., note that the pot is sitting inside the diffuser canning rack so it would fit.  It's a 5 quart pot that is a little flatter(?); my CI pot was too tall.
      If I make the Tuscan Soup I'll post a picture of that later.

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