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Jerri's Version of Wendy's Chili

Smoke and Awe

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Today I made this chili again, and I just ate my first bowl.  I'm wishing I hadn't because it was SO GOOD, better than the first time, and now it's over.  Sigh. (Like when I finish a really good book and feel a little sorry that I can't look forward to the story again.)  But of course I have plenty more for tomorrow.  Anyway, I did not drain the beans, and I added all the spices to the meat when it was being sautéed, and I think that made a lot of difference in the flavor because the spices had a chance to bloom a bit.  I also added a tsp. of sugar, can't taste it but that is another change I made.  Now I don't know how this chili can taste spicy but not hot, but I can't argue with "better than ever".  So I simmered in the kamado for 2 hours, then shut it down and put the lid on the pot and left it there until I got home from errands.  Perfectly ready to eat.

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After reading the follow up posts to this recipe again, I'm wondering if I should post a revised version with the suggested changes, because I think they do make the chili better.  Or if you decide to make this, please read some of the posts from those who made additions.  My favorite suggestion is to add all seasonings when you brown the meat so the seasonings are "bloomed" as well.  And a Tbs. of sugar makes a difference in acidity, but you don't taste the sweetness.


You can certainly do all the cooking outside if you have favorable conditions, but if not, assembling the chili on the stove top and then cooking in the kamado works just as well.  Again, you won't want to cover the pot, just let it soak up the smokiness of the charcoal.

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    • By Smoke and Awe
      Today it was supposed to rain, but as often happens here in the rain shadow, it is delayed or light.  Decided to get some chili going on the Akorn Jr., and when it's done I'll hope there is enough heat left for the Tuscan Soup that Andy posted yesterday.  This is my favorite Wendy's chili (Jerri's version) and I'll post a recipe another time.  Monday is my laundry, cooking, roasting coffee day; getting ready for the week.
      For those of you who have an Akorn Jr., note that the pot is sitting inside the diffuser canning rack so it would fit.  It's a 5 quart pot that is a little flatter(?); my CI pot was too tall.
      If I make the Tuscan Soup I'll post a picture of that later.

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