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Cold smoke

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I recommend this:




I have 3 different models of their product and this one is my favorite.

Was wondering about this exact product... have you used it for cold smoking?  If yes, how do you setup your KJ?  There obviously has to be enough air flow to keep it alive... just wondering what that looks like for a cold smoke session,

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Amazn products are great -- I use the tubes all the time.  Cold smoke cheese, smoke/cook salmon & trout.  Personally, I think cold smoking a steak puts it over the top!  Others might think otherwise.


I usually cold smoke in the non-insulated CG Wrangler, but do a 3 hr. smoke/cook in the Akorn, that I have perfected & the results gets great raves!

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With the maze, I' d suggest bottom vent wide open and daisy wheel wide open. Then see how much smoke is exiting.

Thanks rwhinton! Having never used the maze, I guess it's safe to assume, that even with a lot of oxygen, it won't just break out in flame, but continue to smolder?

Yes. Dust supposedly smokes cooler than pellets but neither burns hot.

I have the dust/pellet maze and use both.


I use my maze in my mini-WSM. Here it is in action with pellets:



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