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Sealing Ash Pan with BGE Gasket?

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Hi All,

After 3 sessions on my CGK I want better air flow control..  I will say this new stock model is really good and I'll post up some pics of my findings.

HOWEVER, I did pick up a roll of BGE gasket today to tighten up the lower vent.  While I have the ash pan off and clean (and a mile of gasket) I figured I'd add it, but the stuff will not mold to the curve of the ash pan.

For those of you who completed the Nomex gasket mod I have a question. 


What is the trick ?  


Did you make relief cuts or angled segments, or did you just muscle it in place?

Thanks for sharing your experience !!


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While exposing about a foot of adhesive, guide the tape (left and right side) over the desired spot, while pressing down with one finger.  Do not stretch it while you apply it, or it will pull back and leave a gap. Inspect the upper edge of the ash pan.  There can be gaps between the flat top and the curved body of the ash pan due to the thin metal and spot welds about every inch and a half.  The paint may initially hide and plug these gaps. The bottom slide-damper may also have gaps between it and the ash pan. 

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Thanks very much.  This is the 1 inch gasket and, my first impression is, it doesn't curve well.  I figured I'd ask before peeling and sticking.

Also, this is a CGK v2 and it appears CG added some RTV type material between the vent and the pan.  I took pics to post here.




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