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Tonight's surprise (session cancellation) sous vide filet with blue cheese compound butter, twice baked potato (bacon, havarti, greek yogurt), and balsamic honey green beans:  

Midnight pizza with sausage, homemade meatballs, cherry tomatoes, homemade sauce, garlic herb butter crust:  


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I'm tired of buying the baked beans I like, which are B & M, so made my own today.  I know, after all this time.  But I now have an Instant Pot pressure cooker, so I'm trying new things and new ways with that.  For the beans, I did them an hour in the pressure pot, and finished an hour on the kamado at 300 degrees.  Small batch, just right.


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Finally enjoying Big Joe on the lower patio - my summer hang out. First time using my cast iron griddle / grate for the Big Joe. Hope it cleans up well. 


Some sauteed mushrooms and asparagus and prime grade sirloin steaks. No plated shots. I didn’t do bad at hitting medium rare (slightly over for the husband and teenager).  Not my best, but definitely not my worst. 



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I'd forgotten about this thread. Here's a pic from last weekend. Just plain old burgers and dogs, but I think it's a pretty good photo. Also, I made the hot dog chili from scratch, finishing it off in some hickory smoke in the Big Joe. Very happy with how it turned out.



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I haven't been doing much with the kamado, but did smoke a couple of pork picnics yesterday.  Before trimming they were both about 8lbs each.  Seasoned with John Henry's Texas Pig Rub over night, then smoked at 250F for just under 12 hours until probe tender.  I used wild black cherry and beech wood (both from my yard) for the smoke.  Wrapped in foil and let rest in a towel lined cooler for about 2 hours.  Only snuck a taste last night but was pretty darned good.  Enjoy your day.


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