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Given how good the Kamado chili was that we fixed yesterday (and it had gotten even better overnight)  it was only natural to have chili dogs for dinner. Applegate natural organic beef dogs on local bakery sourced buns.  These are the ones my son LOADED out.  The last of the jalapenos from the garden gave their all to be in on the show. He wound up eating these with fork and knife otherwise his beard would have consumed more hot dog than the stomach.





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IN n OUT Double Double Animal Style recreated at home from scratch minus the buns.


Why is it that a humble burger always impresses me as much as a prime rib roast or other expensive and/or complicated dishes? It's just really tough to beat the complex layering of flavors that is possible with a burger. So many variables - bun, meat (beef, pork, turkey, veal, or a mixture), cheese, veggies, seasonings, toppings (bacon, Ham, egg, etc.) sauces...

Really there's nothing plain or simple about a good burger.

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