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Nothing but the money!


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Made a pan of Mac-n-Cheese as a side dish for a party to which I was invited.  Standard Mac-n-Cheese that was kicked up with Hatch chillies, hamburger and spicy breakfast sausage, etc.  The poor dish didn't survive to see Round 2.  No leftovers and people were upset.  I'm screwed.  Now I have to make double the recipe if I'm to be invited back.   :rofl:






Thanks for looking.

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My Dry Aged NY strip with chimichurri.  Seriously, this was my first time trying and making chimichurri and man was it good!  It will not be the last time I make this.  


Steak cooked medium on Akorn using Grill Grates, seasoned with fresh coarsely ground pepper and coarse sea salt..


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A simple cook of skinless thighs with a spicy mustard based bbq sauce.  Served with grilled okra and patty pan squash from the garden and roasted potatoes.



Great looking cook! Have never tried grilling okra. Gonna have to try that. Any special trick to making that happen aside from using a pair of skewers.  Might have to do the patty pan squash too. I just finished dessert and I'm hungry again.

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