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Nothing but the money!


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Left over st Louie rack from yesterday..

foiled it & reheated on gasser tonight, tossed them in buffalo sauce & rinsed with Marie's blue cheese dressing....


man oh man!!! Buffalo Ribs are going to be a staple trademark party cook around my house!!!  Could be a signature dish...




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Made a 10 pound butt for pulled pork for my first low and slow. It took 14 hours for the 10 pounder but was worth it. I did not open the kamado once the entire cook. I put three solo cups full of hickory pellets around the side of the charcoal "volcano" and they smoked the entire time because they were not in the lit part of the coals. Had a drip pan with cider, cider vinegar, onions, garlic and bell peppers. Kept it at 225-250 until the "stall" and then up to 275 to power through it.

The wife and my 10 year old were fighting over the bark pieces. Lol


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triple basted bbq wings

I love the taste of smoked, caramelized bbq sauce on meat and this batch I did was easily among the best yet despite it being a rushed spur of the moment weeknight cook.  Came home from work and there was nothing prepped for dinner.  Spotted a freezer bag of chicken wings in the freezer and fired up the Akorn and threw on a handful of apple wood chips.  Threw them on grill frozen and all over direct 385 heat.  After the skin was quickly thawed I briefly took them off the grill into a bowl so that I could quickly toss them in olive oil and rub in a random garlic-herb seasoning I found in the pantry.

Once they are almost done I start the bbq baste....  Sweet Baby Rays with a healthy pour of whiskey to thin it out.  After a few minutes another baste of this.  On the final baste I use the bbq sauce at full strength.  At this point the heat has crept up to about 430 so I move them to the working rack for the final minutes so they don't burn.

The end result was ideal... layers of caramelized sauce without it tasting "over sauced" while the chicken meat was smoky and juicy.  Even the wife who has stubbornly preferred fried wings basted in bbq sauce over grilled had to admit these were some of the best wings she had. 

Was only able to get a picture of a wing portion as the drumettes were quickly destroyed. 



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Jerk BBQ Chicken thighs with roasted potatoes and squash...Marinated skinless bone-in thighs in a paste of Walkerswood Mild Jerk seasoning and oil over night.  Cooked raised direct at roughly 375F with a hunk of pecan.  Added some bbq sauce near the end.  Served with roasted potatoes and squash all done on the Junior.




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10 hours ago, skreef said:

My kinda meal.. 

It was tasty.  Thanks.

9 hours ago, Marty said:

You cook like I do love the pecan wood too. I will have to try the mild WW. The hot is really HOT.

Thanks.  I love the WW stuff.  There is plenty of heat in the hot, but it is definitely tempered a bit in the mild.  There is still a little zip, but not bad.

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