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Vision Grills Classic B Newbie


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I recently received a Vision Grills Classic B for my birthday and put it together over this past weekend (October 4th). I am a newbie to Kamado grilling/smoking but excited to really tried it out with decent results (chicken get going with it. Someone suggested this forum as a great place to get information so I am looking forward to learning from everyone. 

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Hey NineEauxFour, 


Welcome to kamado cooking and the forum, glad you found us. Your Vision Classic B is a fine grill and it will serve you very well. Not everyone reads the Vision forum, so please stop by the introduction section and leave a little blurb letting the entire group know who you are, what you cook on, and that you joined us. Happy cooking, Enjoy that new grill.  :) By the way , that's really a nice birthday gift, so be sure to be extra nice to that wonderful person. 

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