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It Was a Cold and Stormy Night ....

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in OKC when CeramicChef put on a 10# bone-in pork butt for tomorrow's feast during the OU/texass game..  It was the first public cook on his new Komodo Kamado 32" Big Bad and the world waited with bated breath ...


Ok Gurus, here are pics of the first public cook on the Big Bad.  And YES, HECK YES, it is cold and wet here in OKC.  


Here you see the basic setup for all my low and slow cooks ... heat deflector, ALWAYS a drip pan, cooking rack.




As an aside, note how much room is around that drip pan.  Drip pans of that size almost filled the Primo XL.


Here is the 10# pork butt about to go on the grill.  Note the first shot of courage in the left foreground.  Woodford Reserve OTR.  Smooth as a baby's touché.




Here's our cooking temp ... a bit over 225F but I'll live with it at this point ....




Time to button up the KK Big Bad until tomorrow morning.  You can see a bit of the coffee wood smoke coming out of the Top Hat vent ....




Another closer view of the smoke coming out of the Big Bad ....




Gurus, that's about it until tomorrow morning when we'll probe for tenderness.  You guys know the drill, all the action takes place out of sight and very slowly.  


I just went outside to check the temp.  I've got the Top Hat cracked 1/4 turn on top and the lower vent is using the 1/8" diameter hole on the air control manifold down below and we're holding rock steady at 235F.  This is my first time using the Coffee Wood for the smoke component of the cook.  Dennis Linkletter was gracious enough to send 2 boxes and I've gotta say the smell is absolutely incredible!  


This is gonna be fun. I'll see all y'all in the morning.  Right now, it's time for another 2 fingers of Woodford OTR.

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Gotta work a 13 hr shift today so sadly I'll not see this cook unfold.



Looking forward to seeing the results once I return home an hour after kickoff for my Pirates.  Got the DVR set so I'll never know I'm not watching live. :good:




That drip pan is hilarious.....it looks tiny in there.  The dimensions of that BB are impressive to say the least.

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Well Sportsfans ... It was indeed a very dark and stormy night.  The Big Bad came through with shining colors.  We had an 11:00 AM pull for a 1:00 pm feast.  Pics follow ...


Here is the Big Bad when I put on the beans on to join the pork that was cooked overnight ...




Beans consisted of chopped cilantro, diced tomatoes, chopped hatch chilies, garlic, onion, bacon and bacon fat, and ham hock.  CIlantro floats very well!


Here's the pork butt pulled at 11:00 CST.  17 hours in the 250F heat of the Big Bad.  It's about to be wrapped, toweled, and coolered.




Here's the butt safely ensconced in the cooler and about to be tucked in for a 2 hour rest.




Here's Kitty Cat guarding the resting pork butt ...




Here's the final result of a couple of days of hard dadgummed work ...




All in all a very successful cook!  Everyone took some leftovers home with them ... all except my strictly vegan brother, but what the hell does he know, right?!


When all is said and done, I'd have to give the KK Big Bad an A on this cook.  Never had one lick of trouble.  Temp was rock solid at 235F - 245F all cook long.  I'd get up in the middle of the night expecting trouble from laying in the charcoal as I did.  That was wasted effort ... the Big Bad was as solid as solid gets.  I'll take a 10F deviation and walk away happy and doing the Spunky Monkey Dance every step of the way!  


When it came time to crank up the temp to cook the beans, just a quarter turn of the Top Hat Vent and opening the bottom airflow manifold to the next largest hole, about 3/16ths of an inch, sent the Big Bad to 400F in about 10 minutes.  


The Big Bad never ceases to amaze me.  I don't use a BBQ Guru or any other puffer.  There is no need for such on this Beast.  The wind was all over the place last evening, rain coming down hard all night, and not one temp transient worth mentioning ... 10F is nothing at all!  


My brothers were over and couldn't get enough of the Big Bad.  They just stood back and looked it over.  I told 'em go ahead and open 'er up and take a gander in the inside.  They were very hesitant to do so ... If you're looking you ain't cooking ... but we had the top open for about 3 minutes, buttoned the Big Bad up, and they watched the temp clilmv right back up to 400F in under 3 minutes.  Both were amazed at the thermal stability.  Thermal mass is a great thing for cooking!


So, it was a very successful first public cook.  The Komodo Kamado Big Bad rightly deserves all it's positive press.  This thing is easier to control than any cooker I've ever had.  Hands down.  The KK BB simply want to cook and it wants to cook the way you tell it to cook.  I'm convinced that anyone can successfully cook on this Beast from day one.  There is simply real no learning curve.  It's almost intuitive how to cook on this Beast.  The airflow manifold makes cooking low-n-slow on this Beast a no brainer.  Even I can't screw up this deal!  Anything that CC-proof is something that anyone can do!


Oh, my alma mater, THE University of Oklahoma beat texass!  It wasn't pretty, but the Boys in Crimson and Cream put it to the poor texass shorthorns wearing burnt orange.  That made the pulled pork taste that much better!  BOOMER SOONER!

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Hey Gurus - it has suddenly dawned on me that I owe you a report on the CoCoNut extruded charcoal and the coffee wood I used for smoke.  Once the Beast cools sufficiently, I'll grab a few pics and post them here along with my assessment of the CoCoNut charcoal.  


I can tell you right now that the Coffee Wood that Dennis Linkletter threw in the deal for the KK BB was a real hit.  The smoke flavor was pretty subtle, especially compared to mesquite or hickory.  There was enough of a difference from the fruit woods I normally use that a Brother of mine asked what I'd done differently.  When I told him it was the coffee wood, he said don't ever use anything else for subtle smoke flavor.  He dug all through the pan holding the pulled pork and ate every single morsel of bark he could find.  I think  if you looks at the pics above, you'll see that the butt isn't coal black as you see on most smokes.  The coffee wood has a nice light flavor that leaves your taste buds smiling but wanting more.  I'm hooked!


I"ll get the pics of the charcoal usage posted hearer in a few hours.

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I bet this cook tastes as good as it looks.  Picture perfect butt.  Love the plated shot.  And congrats on a hard-fought OU victory. 


LOL.  The look on your cat's face is priceless.  (S)he really looks like she is guarding it.




P.S.  That 10# butt looks microscopic on the BB.  One of these days I hope to see that bad boy loaded.

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