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Spatchcocked Chicken with Grilling Basket

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A 4.8lb chicken seasoned with butter, garlic powder, lime pepper, Webbers Roasted Garlic and Herb seasoning and a sprits fresh lemon juice. Spatchcocked and used a griling basket for easy handling. Temps were around 300-325 degeress. No wood was added for smoke.






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Mironccr345 - that is one very good looking cook; nicely done!   :congrats:

I'm looking forward to more posts of yours!



Nicely done!!! Great color, and I can only imagine great flavor! Can't quite tell by the 1st pic...I assume the handle on the basket fit inside the kamado when the lid was closed?

Oh man, it was so good. The last 15 minutes, I brought the temp up to 350 degrees to get a nice crisp color. I was originally going to cut the handle, since it was a cheapo basket. But, it fit right over the latch and I was able to close the lid.


Nicely done.  Spathcock is best way to make a chicken IMO.

I agree. This is the third time i've made it that way. The basket helps out a lot with fliping and handling it.


Very nice spatchcock chicken. 



Moving this to the Showcase as it most properly belongs there.

Much Appriciated!

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Very nice!



Great looking chicken!

Thanks guys!


Great looking cook.  Spatchcock is how I always cook my birds!  


Whats the advantage of the grilling basket?

For me, it's handling the chicking. I did it once without the basket and It was harder to flip with tongs. Originally bougt the basket for grilling fish, but tried it on chicken and it was so much easier to handle. Also, the square marks looks good. :-D

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