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... when plan comes together!


So I'm sitting in my recliner watching the Eagles/Cards game when all of a sudden, my stomach reminds me that it's long past mealtime given that I last ate at 6:00 A.M. this morning.  So I unass the recliner and mosey out to the kitchen and open the 'fridge.  What a freaking nightmare!  I've got to clean/straighten this mess out.  Never do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow, or so I say every Sunday afternoon during football season.


So I rummage around and there are some of the leftovers chicken breasts from the enchi cook last week.  Throw 'em on the counter.  Part of an onion; on the counter.  Ooooh!  Celery!  I'm beginning to think I've got the beginnings of a heckuva chicken salad!  More rummaging and out comes tomato, some green bell pepper that has seen better days but is still serviceable, a few carrots, some sliced cheddar cheese and the mayo.  I hope there's enough mayo, but heck, I know how to make mayo!


Chop up a couple of the chicken breasts, dice the onion, mince the celery ribs, rough chop the carrots, trim and dice the bell pepper, throw it all in the bowl.  If I'm lucky I have some chives.  No such luck but I do have a few green onions and that'll work just fine.  Throw everything in a bowl and scrape the mayo down to the last bit.  Thank be to God for good spatulas!  A little granulated garlic, some red pepper flakes, some rosemary, thyme, and mix thoroughly.  


Taste .... mmmm ... needs something; kinda bland.  LEMON JUICE to brighten it up!  Please let me have a fresh lemon.  Dadgummit!  No such luck!  Vinegar!  I rummage through the pantry and what do I find?  SWMBOI's Real Lemon squeeze bottle!  Game on!  A few squeezes, mix, taste, much better.  A few more squeezes and VOILÀ!  


Grab an onion bun from yesterday's burger bash, slice the tomato, a couple of spoonfuls of chicken salad on the bun, a handful of BBQed chips, a leftover Modelo, and I'm heading back to see the game in comfort!  


Here's the evidence to convict me of getting lucky in the kitchen today!  




Thanks be to God in heaven for leftovers!  Yeah, it tasted great!

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Leftovers are the best.  I love being able to throw things together quickly


nice looking meal

bosco - I'm actually getting to like leftovers. For years I would not eat leftovers. I gave 'em away .... seriously! But you are so right ... it's nice to make something from just a bunch of disparate ingredients.

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Hook me up with a sandwich and beer CC that looks good. I love making chicken salad and yours looks gooood!

Jose - any time you're in OKC, come on over! We'll go grab some steaks, cold beer, and whatever else strikes out fancy, and have us a heckuva time! Of course, you have to jump in and add your inimitable touch to the cook!

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That's what I like; a meal made on the fly. No real thought about what to do, eat or cook; driven by a growling stomach and there you go, sustenance; life at its best. Well done CC.


AJ, on the fly ... that's the way I do most cooks at Chez Chef.  I always try and have a good supply of the basics so that I can whip something together at a moment's notice.  Life around here is kinda crazy and hectic, so it's in my best interests to be flexible with what's on hand!  Thanks!

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I love leftovers. I like taking ingredients from perevios meals and creating a new one. Nice job CC. Watching the Eagles cough it up gave me indigestion though.

Cgriller - thanks! Like I said earlier, my dear Mom was the worlds best at using leftovers! Whatever I know I learned from her.

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