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    • By KamadoJones86
      Hey guys,
      I just got a Joetisserie / Napoleon basket and did a batch of wings...good lord, those are good. My only problem is that I use a temp controller and the only way I could use the pit probe today was dangling through the top hole. This worked but it wasn't very repeatable or exact (since I couldn't really see where it was dangling or if it was touching sides, etc). 
      How do you guys approach this issue? I've heard of brackets or hanging it off the inside temp probe but how are you doing that? Is there some special mount that I need?
      Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
    • By Sbw
      Hey everyone,
      I wanted to post a question and tap this community's collective knowledge to see if advice from KJ customer support  is legit. By way of background I've had my KJ classic for awhile, and got mine in the color black in 2015  right before they discontinued the color.  Love the damn thing, but the firebox finally cracked in half.  No problem.  I requested a new firebox and after some back and forth, KJ sent me anew one with multiple piece design. 
      Here is what my issue is:
      Per KJ customer support my wife and I assembled the firebox outside of the cooker and on the base - which I did.  However, when I try to lower the firebox into the grill the width of the firebox is too wide and wedges into the side of my grill to the point that it will not set into the base.  There is enough pressure from this that I can let go and it just floats inches about the base. I'm posting pictures to show this.  It may be hard to see but it's easily 2 inches above the base.  I can slide by hand underneath it. 
      I brought this to the attention of KJ customer support and the response was:
      "I have reviewed the pictures. The gap your are experiencing from the petals to the base is okay. This will season over once you have used the grill a few times. The ceramic will need to expand when in heat so that the firebox can work its way down. Please let me know if you have any further questions."
      Is this right? My obvious concern is the pressure on the walls of the grill. The last thing I want is the heat to cause more pressure and crack my grill during a cook.  
      Thanks for any insight you guys can provide. Just want to get back to cooking.

    • By Daz
      The current temp probe for grill has not been changed for a long time. I didn't like the space it's taking and the position you have to put it at is often not a good spot to measure grill temp. If it's hot air cooking meat, then the probe should be collecting air temp at the meat surface, right? So this is what I came up with. It can be clipped onto a needle meat probe or the grill by itself. It's so small so you can clip it anywhere. It's compatible with iGrill and many other brands. I've been using it with Akorn Jr. for the last 2 months and absolutely loving it. (I know, I made it lol). It's very useful for smaller grills as cooking area is tight. Anyway, check it out.

    • By Daz
      Hello everyone!
      Found this forum by googling Akorn grill and joined right away. I got into kamado cooking after buying an Akorn grill from Homedepot about a yr and half ago. I thought the grill was the key but failed miserably on the first cook out. I then went on google (of course) how to use the kamado properly and found Amazingribs.com. My life has been changed ever since! I succeeded on the first try of every recipe he had, from 6 hr ribs to 20 hr brisket. I'm now totally addicted to BBQ/Smoking and have made my own accessories to help me cooking. I now own about 10 grills, from weber smokey joe to a 25" ceramic kamado. what I use most often is Akorn Jr, it's super efficient and very portable (as a kamado). 
      Happy cooking!
    • By INDYsmoke
      I just got an early xmas gift, a Maverick et-733 dual probe thermometer. I'm psyched and can't wait to use it. Up until now I've used a cheapo $5 digital instant read probe that I got at Wal-mart. We are having a pot luck at the office this week and I'm going to smoke a Boston butt for the event. Currently the temperature in central Indiana is hovering around 20 degrees. I have a question concerning the maverick transmitter and very low outdoor temps: Will the cold weather have a negative effect on it or cause any damage? I'm probably being overly cautious but I'm not wanting to ruin a brand new toy. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input you have on this. 
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