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Two Racks of Ribs on the Joe Junior


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I thought they would fit, so I tried it.  With a rib rack, you can fit two racks of ribs on the Joe Junior.

1. The racks must be Saint Louis style, so you have dome and dome thermometer clearance.

2. The racks must be cut into two unequal halves.  With the shorter half on the front/back or the rack, the longer half in the middle of the rack.  The best way is to measure 13 inches from one end, and cut there.

3. Cook the ribs with your usual method.

4. Enjoy.




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They are in the last stage of the classical 3-2-1, after the sauce was applied.  Just waiting for the sauce to bake on, before they are pulled.

And yes, the stone is quite clean, I have only had the Joe Junior for a bit over a week.  I am trying to order a second diffuser stone for the Junior (I have two sets for the Big Joe).

One set of stones for Baking (so no meat dripping flavors are introduced to the cook), and another set for roasting/smoking.  I could use a drip pan, but stuff still gets on the stone with a pan. 

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Those ribs look awesome. I used to use tin foil on my stones to keep them from getting dirty. I forgot to do that a time or two and now I just don't care. Food (all food) tastes great and I've got one less thing to worry about. I scrape off what I can and burn off what I can't. That which is left is left, right?  :-D

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What's everyone else going to eat? ;)


I'm still kicking myself because I got so preoccupied with other things around the house yesterday that I forgot to go out and buy some ribs - they were on sale for 65% off (under CDN$3/lb and normally over $8). Sale ended yesterday. :(

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