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Rabbit is one of my favorite things to smoke. Here's my method for a tender and delicious wascawy wabbit.




Cube up the potatoes and shallot. Toss them in a bowl with Italian seasoning, seasoned salt, and plenty of galic powder.



Rinse and pat dry the rabbit. Stuff the cavity with potato and shallot mix making sure to fill in behind the rib cage too.



To prevent the mix from falling out or the rabbit getting away, tie him up with a bit of kitchen twine. then dust the outside with more Italian seasoning and seasoned salt.



Set up the grill for an indirect cook with a temp of 270°. I threw in a couple hand-fulls of cherry chips in the start of the cook. It took about two hours to reach my target internal temp of 155° so sit back and relax.



When it's done, tent with foil for about 10 minutes then enjoy! 



A note about the potatoes and shallot mix. Cooking them in the rabbit alone will not cook them all the way through so one of two things will have to happen. Option one: Parboil the mixture and let cool before seasoning and stuffing the bunny. Option two: (my favorite) After the rabbit is done, finish cooking the filling in a skillet with a little olive oil and butter.


Sorry I don't have a pretty plated picture. The hungry crowd didn't let it get that far. 

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I just saw this thread,it brings back memories.I had beagles that could run the heck out of a rabbit.I gave up hunting because of my knees.I would cut up the rabbit,let the pieces sit in Italian Seasoning for a few hours,then grill them.But I like your method.I'll be looking for road kill rabbit now.LOL :roll:  

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I raised rabbits when I was about 8 years old, had a 10x20 shed with the walls lined with cages. I also showed my rabbits in 4H and won some ribbons. One of my breeding does decided to eat her last litter and became very aggressive so we ate her. Shake n bake rabbit ain't bad :

Very nice cook! Me and a work buddy were just talking about this last night. Now I got a craving.

Anybody game for a brace of coneys?


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