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Kamado Joe Smoked Turkey

John Setzler

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Curious to know what the hot sauce in the brine does to the overall flavor profile of the turkey?  Does it actually give each bite a mild "kick"?  I guess what I am wanting to know... is it kid friendly?


It doesn't make anything 'hot'.  It would still be kid friendly.  It just brings a little extra flavor.



agreed.  i added a couple Tbs to the injection on the turkey i did in the oil-less fryer.  it added some flavor and a hint of bite but was not hot.  it was nice.



also, i would like to add a comment about the value of these cooking video's; they are great and give many novice cookers like myself the ideas and confidence to try techniques that we would otherwise not know about or think are too complex to try.

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So John how was your peach turkey? I tired a similar simplified version on a 23lb bird. No brine as it had 8% pre solution , just used the Peach Dry rub on and under the skin. Injection was more peach rub/butter with 1/2 cup hot sauce and 1 cup of chicken broth. Used one chunk of maple wood. Cooked between 320-360 degrees, temp varied as it was very windy. Took a little over 3 hrs. Pulled the bird at 163 and wrapped in foil. The bird was whisked away to its final destination and it was carved about 1.5 hrs after coming off the grill. Unfortunately my family decided to remove all the skin and throw it I the trash( I guess they wanted a "healthy version") during the carving. Ended up eating about 5 hrs after it was taken off the grill. They family enjoyed the bird but I was not so impressed. We were unable to taste any peach or maple wood flavor. Altogether I used 6 tbsp of the peach rub. Maybe more peach rub, another hunk of maple wood or a smaller bird would work better next time?


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The peach rub has a very subtle sweetness to it.  Maple wood is similar in its subtlety.  You won't necessarily taste peach from the rub... only the mild sweetness.  My best guess is that the combination of adding that much hot sauce and then removing the skin probably was more than enough to hide, mask, or remove that subtle flavor from the peach rub and the smoke.  The smoke isn't going to penetrate terribly far below the skin on a turkey or chicken.  

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AWESOME recipe.  We tried this for this year's Thanksgiving using the following subs:

1/2 rib rub (the one you have on the KJ site)

1/2 McCormick poultry seasoning


I didn't include the hot sauce, but instead used about 2TBls of ground cayenne pepper.


Your video and recipe made this whole process easy and we have never had such a fantastic turkey for Thanksgiving.  We love this one so much I'm re-doing it for Christmas dinner!

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