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Blackstone (Pizza) Oven - videos and photos


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As S60's review thread was getting kind of long I thought I'd make a thread to link some videos and images for anyone interested. I've had friends asking me about this thing and it's nice to have a bunch of videos collected in one place when I need to reference them.

I like most of Tasty Licks BBQ videos and this one is as entertaining as any:


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First start by telling your wife you've been watching Jamie Oliver making these amazing Pizzas. Then that he has his own affordable pizza oven on the market called the Dome 60. Then that you've looked into it and it's only $2000, much lower priced that almost anything else on the market. A few days later tell her about the Blackstone and how it compares for under $270 US all-in at Lowe's.

It's a time-proven strategy. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to use it as I had only 16 hours or so between hearing about this thing and buying it, so my wife just came home on a Friday evening and saw it in the garage. :)

Another technique is take her out for some amazing wood-fired high-temp pizza and tell her you can do the same thing at home with your current setup. Then make some at home and purposefully fail miserably. Then introduce the concept above. It's a variation on the "just the tip" method.

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What I really like about that video is his perforated pizza peel.  I would love to have of those, but I can't see spending $85 when I can get one for less than $20 that would do just fine.


Tasty Licks is an hour or so from me.  I saw him make pizzas on the Blackstone about a year ago but at that time they cost almost twice what they are selling for now at Lowes. Plus I was still very much focused on the kamado at that time.  I was actually there for a turkey cooking demo he was doing.  He did at least several of them - I think traditional, spatchcocked, boneless, and (last but not least) purducken - a chicken in a duck in turkey in a pig!  Each with a layer of stuffing between them.  It was quite an operation getting that ready to go.  He also did some pizzas that day.

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The holes are supposed to help with launching - less sticking.


I have to wonder on this one. If the dough is hard then possibly. If it is soft then would it not tend to ooze into the holes?



I don't think you are supposed to form the dough on the perforated peels, they are supposed to be good for slipping under the dough when you make it on a counter though. My interest is in using it to tend the pie in the oven and pulling the pies out because my wooden peel is burning up just launching and pulling the pies.  I have read that one of the benefits of a perforated peel is that they help you "scrub" any extra flour off of the bottom of the pie in the oven.


I would be curious to know if it is easy to make on a perforated peel though.  If your dough is right you shouldn't be pressing down much when forming your pie - I mostly stretch side to side along the radius of the circle. 

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    • By NVRider
      I have a smokin stone for my AKORN Kamado, but wanted one for my AKORN Jr.. I found that not only are they scarce, but pricey too. From searches on the forums I did not really see a good solution, so I gave it a try myself to come up with one. Here is what I got:
      Wally World has Lodge 10.5 inch griddles for $14.88.
      Once out to the shop I cut the handle off. Just eye balled the cut off point to fit on the shelf in the cooker.
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      Fit nicely in the cooker and was very stable.
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      I just bought a woo ring and stone for indirect cooking (Vision S Kamado).  Did a test burn to see what temps were like.  I absolutely nailed 400F.  So hard I couldn't get it to cool to my target 350F at all.
      With lower dampers, one barely cracked and the other closed I couldn't get anything less than 400F.  My questions.
      How much affect does the upper dome vent have on temp control?  To smother the fire I close all vents in my attempt to lower the temp.  But normally wouldn't I want the vent fully open otherwise to vent excess smoke?
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      Let's see the process!  
      I roll them all in advance and stack between parchment paper.  They get a second rise just before I bake them.

      I paint the sauce on with a silicon baster brush.

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