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Kamado K7 Restoration


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I know this, and you know this, but most Kamado purchasers will compare it against a new $399 Vision at Costco, or a used Akorn for $150 on Craigslist.  Wintertime prices on used Kamados found on Craigslist are very low in this area.  I could have picked up a few BGEs for under $500 in the past couple of months.  To demand an $800 price, it would have to be a purchaser who is getting it to cook on and the way it looks on their patio (yard art).  It would also have to be a purchaser who is not put off by it's 550 pound handling weight.  If I end up being "stuck" with it, no worries, it cooks rather well. 

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Yeah! The tile arrived today.  I struggled with the camera to catch the subtle shade variations and detail in the picture.  The auto white balance had to be worked to get it to provide a good representation of the color.  The picture of a single tile has been adjusted to be an accurate representation of the actual tile.  I shot a picture of the blue and black tile against each other for contrast. There is a shot of the single tile (1 inch across).  The final picture is a sheet draped over the Kamado to see what it looked like in full sunlight when curved.   Anyone who has purchased tile from an online picture will frequently tell you there are differences between the picture and the actual tile; I fully understand why now.  In short, I am very pleased with the color of the tiles.  There are 27 sheets of blue, and 5 sheets of black. 






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