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Kamado K7 Restoration


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I am just as impatient as you, to see this done Bosco.

My wife doesn't work this weekend, and may demand equal time.  This may make any real progress difficult.

On the positive side, SWMBO, really wants to see what it will look like with tile on as well.

I fear she has ulterior motives.  I caught her thumbing through some choices for kitchen backsplash tile the other day.

If you can tile a Kamado, you can tile anything.  It is probably the most challenging surface to do, changing radius's in two axis. 

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The stucco removal, down to the base refractory has begun. After about an hour, this is where it is at. My hands are numb and useless pegs (from the vibration) at this point. Looks like a break is in order. I briefly tried using a wire wheel, but the vibration was ten times worse than using a cement grinding wheel. The goal is to take it down to the bare refractory cement, so the thinset has a great surface to bond with. The thinset will also correct for any minor divots in the surface. I am really looking forward to seeing those beautiful blue tiles on it.


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