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Kamado K7 Restoration

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Good morning everyone and Happy New Year! I am thinking of moving my Kamado from the carport to the deck (so I can pull our vehicles in more) and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a cover? I live in Florida so the heat and humidity can be brutal sometimes. 


Also, I am going to replace the seal around the grill area as my lid is not getting a good seal anymore. I bought the Lavalock self stick seal off of Amazon that I saw people mentioned in this thread. Is there an ideal way to remove the old seal without damaging the smoker?

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Happy New Year to you too! For a cover, you might inquire at one of the shops that sells custom

boat covers. They may be able to make one for you that would suit the weather conditions in your area.

I have three RJ Kamados produced and purchased in 2003. They have been sitting uncovered all these

years in the hot Arizona climate with no problem. Just wondering if you need to cover your Kamado.


I had to replace the gaskets on two of my Kamados and used a putty knife to scrape off the old adhesive.

It did the job and didn't damage anything.


Hope that helps.

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So I replaced the gaskets on my K7 today and it's MUCH better. I used to have to fight it a little to stay within temp. I ended up having to take the lid gasket off because the lid didn't want to close properly and smoke was leaking out the front by the handle. It also spiked a little when I was messing with the inlet and outlet but after that it has stayed dialed right in. Didn't smoke anything today, just testing it out. I plan to do Chuck roast and chicken for pulled beef and chicken tacos so I'll let you guys know how it comes out. 


I must say, I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate this forum and thread. It has provided a plethora of information and has helped me immensely. Thank you all so much. I refer back to this all the time. 


I'd be very interested to see some updated photos of your Kamados! 


Have a great night and the rest of your weekend! 




Screenshot_20200118-183818_BBQ Go.jpg

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