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Kamado K7 Restoration


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Today was the big day.  The Dewalt grinder, with a masonry cutting disk was prepared.  The cutting marks had already been put on the neck of the dome.

Blue painter's tape was put on the stainless steel collar to make post-cementing cleanup much easier.

The sawing began.  To my pleasant surprise, the cutting occurred without significant chipping or cracking.

The Stucco was ground away from around the neck to create clearance for the collar.  I learned a bit about the installation of the original spider grinding away the stucco.

Some circular round dots can be seen from the outside, which match where the holes were for the original spider rods.  It appears they drilled all the way through the neck, then back filled the holes from the outside.

The Spider/Collar was test fit into the slots.  The bottom of the slots was bedded in with some high temperature (2000F rated) mortar, and then the Spider/Collar was pressed into place.

Gentle tapping with a soft faced mallet "trued" the alignment of the collar until it was perfectly level with the top of the neck.

Then the rest of the slot was filled with the high temperature mortar.  At this point the mortar was not filled to the top of the slots, it is expected to slump some during curing.

A second round of filling the slots will follow, after the cement has air-cured for 24 hours, then gently heated.

The top damper was screwed into place to double check alignment, and to help maintain pressure on the collar during the cure process.







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Thank You for the compliment Bosco. When failure is not an option, anyone can achieve a lot.

I like fixing things. Once it is fully restored and tiled, I may end up getting another sad Kamado to fix.

As a side-show, I am working on a Primo Oval Junior as well. It is a much simpler fix, missing parts and a cracked firebox.

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The original finish is Stucco, which was one of the two finish options. The second finish option was tiles. When the Stucco finish is repainted, like another user (Mstacy's) it can be stunning. But the tile appeals to me a bit more. Do a google search for "Tiled Kamado" and select "images". The tiles which were put on the old K7 Kamados has a problem with falling off, because the thinset used was not latex modified. I am trying to find a tile I like which is not ridiculously priced. One tile I liked would have cost $450 for the materials.

Below is a picture of another K7 with the stucco finish, which does not have the rolling base. Also is a picture of the same model of Kamado with tiles.



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When the K7 was purchased, it had the majority of the accessories with it (albeit at an additional cost). Now that the K7 is nearing a functioning state, it was time to get a diffuser for it. A stone was ordered from California Pizza Stones today. It is 16 inches in diameter and 5/8 inch thick. Like many other diffusers, the stone is made of cordelite (probably misspelled). The stone will have about a 2 inch gap around the edges, which appears to be about the size which came with the new K7 grills.

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