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How do you use Thanksgiving leftovers?

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Like most, we have leftover turkey. I get tired of eating plain old turkey for days on end. I like to try to re purpose some of these leftovers.


I took the holy trinity (onions, carrots & celery. Also know as a mirepoix) and sweated them in a hot pan. Once translucent, I added a qt of home made stock, brought to a boil, then simmered for 20 minutes. In a separate small skillet, I created a roux (cooking raw flour in melted butter). I added the roux to the pot pie filling to thicken it. 


I greased a 10" Lodge Cast Iron skillet with butter flavored crisco. I cheated and used a premade pie crust.  Cooked at 450 for approx 20 minutes. 


You should make some type of slices in the top crust. The"BGC" was just a little fun. 









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That looks spectacular. I do something similar except I add some peas, some half and half and a can of condensed mushroom soup to the mix. It adds a tad of flavor and helps to thicken up the liquid. I don't generally follow a recipe but go by look, taste and smell. Gonna do a pot pie this morning.

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Very nice pot pie, BGC!  I particularly like the brand on the crust!  I have one and have never thought of using it on crust!  Thanks for the idea.   :worship:



You'll laugh at what I used. It took me HOURS to root through my kids toys to find these. I removed the magnets to create a cookie cutter type letter. HAHAHAHA!!! 



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