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New Classic just Arrived Fire Box??


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If you have looked at enough cracked fireboxes (from various brands of Kamados), you will love the slit.  The most common cracked areas start from the air opening cut for the lower damper.  The slit is very strategic. 

The fact Kamado Joe put the slit in their firebox, was one of the deciding factors in my purchase.  The best warranty, is the one you will never need.

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Both my new BGE, and my old Vision had similar slits all designed to prevent the fire box from cracking during heat expansion.  This is a good thing and like addertooth points out, a very strategic and well thought out design element to help keep your new KJ up and cooking.  When ever I need to remove my fire box I use a thick piece of folded cardboard that just fits the fire box slot. I place the cardboard against the top of the slit to make a support for both sides of the slit. When I need to pick up the fire box for cleaning, I pick it up from the back and in  the middle of the slot with the support that keeps me from putting too much pressure on one side over the other. Seems to work, no cracks or damage in going on two years, and I have removed my fire box several times. 

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