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Best way of keeping ribs warm?

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I was cooking ribs today and they are ready quicker than expected.  I still probably have about 45 mins before the rest of the food is ready.


What's the best way to keep the ribs on hold?


Should I wrap them and leave them on the kamado with low heat?   Or leave unwrapped but drop the heat?


If I leave unwrapped will they dry out and get tough or will they just keep getting softer (which I suspect would happen even more if I wrapped them)?






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If for a few hours. I'd wrap in foil and into a cooler. You'll lose some of that wonderful bark due to excess steam.

30-60 mins. Into a cold oven. That's how I rest my meats anyway. Large enough volume to not get too soggy and small enough to retain the heat.


Hmm ok thanks.   I didn't think ribs needed to be rested generally...and I was afraid the mass is so small that they would cool and stiffen up.

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