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Making the Akorn Kamado last a long time

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Replace the crappy supplied hardware with Stainless steel. Can't advocate this enough. Supplied nuts and bolts are very soft.

Get your parts list and head to Lowes and get the "nut man" to dig out the parts for you then replace them one at a time to avoid

the hassle of disassembling the grill.



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I gave my Akorn a good clean down prior to selling it on tomorrow and was surprised how well it has held up given 2 years of use. 


It's lived under a cover when not in use but had plenty of long cooks in the elements.


The only areas of rust were on smoking stone supports inside the fire bowl and on the inside of the lower lip of the main grill body, where the body meets the ash bowl. In both cases the rust was on the surface and i'd guess it'd be many years before there'd be any danger of it rusting through. 


I'll be sad to see the back of the Akorn but it was part of the KJ upgrading deal i negotiated with Mrs Desiato.

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1 hour ago, Jeff1974 said:

I am getting an Akorn delivered tomorrow. I live in Delaware. I ordered the cover as well. I was wondering if it would help to take the ash basket off and stow it on top of the cast iron grill surface with the grill covered. This would prevent water pooling. Thoughts?


Welcome Delawarean! I found that tight seal on my Akorn (assisted with nomex around the non-gasketed edge of the main lid and ash pan), plus frequent high temp cooks and then covering when cool prevented any visible water damage. 


On 12/31/2014 at 4:44 PM, smoker08 said:

^ Just look at it like the Akorn has graduated you to bigger and better and the child is going to get someone else addicted. Make sure to tell the new owner about kamadoguru.com


This was sure true here. I gave one of my original Akorns to friends that asked about them each time I bought a ceramic. All are still going strong.

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