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Boudin stuffed cornish game hens


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These turned out amazing. will definitely do again soon! Real soon.


The brine. Brined for 6 hrs. 1/2 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/8 cup peppercorns, 7 garlic bulbs, skin on but smashed and 2 tbls of Tony Cachere's. Heated until salt and sugar dissolved. Cut recipe in half from chicken recipe since obviously smaller. let brine cool to room temp (I placed outside to cool as it was 52 degrees outside.



Placed in a small bowl. Pic before brine put in.




I cooked the boudin first (sorry no pic of boudin) I use store bought Zummos if that is not available, DJ's work well also. If you are ever in Lafayette La, get some there from best stop. Only had enough to stuff 3 (wife not a huge of boudin fan so it mattered little) Pic of the stuffed little birds.



Placed on indirect heat at 375. Placed breast down first for 30 minutes. Opened pit and brushed with butter, flipped and brushed breast side as well with butter and cooked for another 25 minutes. Once removed I covered plated with tin foil for 30 minutes. Lastly the finished project. These did not last long at all.



Thanks for reading. Had not had a cornish game hen in about 22 years since our wedding rehearsal dinner and Not sure why.  These will be added into a permanent rotation!

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Wonderful food you cooked there. You really caught my attention with the boudin stuffing. Ya be makin me have da hungries, fur sure!

BTW, boudin is simple to make at home especially if you are not going to stuff it in casings. Leftover pulled pork machine ground or hand chopped really fine with a knife appropriately seasoned along with the other usual ingredients (with or without liver) makes a super tasting boudin.

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If you are really hard up best stop will ship, but I suggest getting a butt load as they charge $27 for ice chest and dry ice PLUS shipping. Usually adds around $40 to whatever amount of boudin you get. Have only had it shipped once. I have enough friends travel through to keep a steady supply on hand. Who knows with SMOKEHOWZ recipe might not need best stop anymore lol

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 Boudin is very rarely seen here in So. Ontario so I am quite jealous!  

We used to do an annual fishing trip into the Black Lake area near Hackberry Louisiana. The best part of the entire trip for me was on arrival in La. when we stopped at the grocery store in Hackberry and as you came through the door you could grab a Boudin sausage on a bun to eat while you were shopping and then grab another on the way out to the car to eat as you leave the parking lot. They were wonderful!  

This was pre-hurricane.  My understanding is that the store was destroyed in the storm as was our late friend’s fishing camp. Unfortunately we haven’t been down in over 10 years now. Good friends, fast fishing, great memories…

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