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Something Completely Prosaic!


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Well Gurus, yesterday I was bored.  Stark. Staring. Bored!  I had a couple of slabs of St. Louis Style Ribs I picked up at Sams Neighborhood market on deal that I had prepped and rubbed and were in the fridge.  I also had 2 pork tenderloins that I dropped in marinade at the same time.  Had to get 'em cooked but I was bored.  I went out and had a chat with TheBeast.  Always cheers me up and it happened again as soon as I lit the lump with the MAPP torch.  I"m not so thrilled that I'm doing the Spunky Monkey, AllyCat, but there was a spring in my step.


Here is the marinade I used on the pork loins.  Got it at Sams' on a friend's recommendation.  




And here are the two pork loins before and after hitting the marinade/






As you can see, Pete the Pink Salt Pig is nonplussed to see some brethren on the business end of a cook!


Here are the ribs in situ and after the prep.  






Notice the "Chef's Portion" separated from the ribs.  That's MINE!


So let's go get TheBeast ready to do his duty and earn his keep.  [Many people have asked how I arrange TheBeast for a cook similar to this, so please bear with me here.]


First thing I do is completely fill the basket with lump and light him up.  I only lit one spot and you can see it to the right of the picture.




I then bring TheBeast up to temp; in this case about 250 since I'm getting a late start.  




Then its on with the smoke component; in this case hickory.




Now let's add the deflector plates ...




... the drip pan is next ...




And then the main grate and the ribs.




So we button up TheBeast and in 10 minutes, I check the temp.  Rock Solid.




With about 45 minutes left in the rib cook, it's time for the pork loins to hit the grate for a reverse sear. On they went and I forgot the pic!


BUT WAIT!  The Chef's Portion is done and Bubba, my BBQ Moochin' Brother, is here and wanting to know "What're we eating!"  Bubba declared the ribs Delicious Edible!




30 minutes later, the ribs are done!  One rack dry, on the left, and one sauces, on the right.




The ribs were foiled, wrapped and in the cooler.


Here is a pic of the two pork loins as they came off the reverse sear at 135IT (Bubba likes his pork more done than do I, but he is a guest, albeit a mooching guest, but a guest nonetheless!




Here is a shot of the sauced ribs and following the dry ribs.






I didn't catch a shot of the pork loin being sliced, but you see it on Bubba's plate.


Here's Bubba's plate right before he went Animal on it!




He said this rib cook was top 5 in his life and he's eaten BBQ all over the US!  I asked what were the other 4 places he'd had better ribs and he said "The last 4 times you've cooked ribs!"  Its nice to get impartial feedback!


The ribs were very good ... they had a nice medium both to them.  The marinaded pork loin was pretty good.  I'm not much on sweet marinades, but SWMBOI and Bubba sure ate the heck out of it.  SWMBOI took some to her friends' house for a luncheon they were having and Bubba took a mess of ribs home with him.  So much for leftovers!


Happy New Year's to all my Good Guru Friends!



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I like to see pink meat on good pork loin cooks CC. I'm susprised those loins cooked to 135. They look rarer than that. Great cook!

Andy, you have a sharp eye. Indeed they did hit 135° but I think the marinade had something to do with that. My Thermapen never lies, at least to my knowledge!

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Excellent on all accounts, CC.  I am so glad that the Beast has motivated you to post photos of your cooks.  I am also very happy to see you deriving so much enjoyment from the Beast.  Enjoy!!  I certainly enjoy looking.  :)  :)

Yeah, Jack, TheBeast has become quite the Little Buddy, if you can call 950+ lbs little! LOL! Ya know, after 20+ years of ribs, loin etc. it gets tiresome doing the same old thing. TheBeast changes that. I think I'm going to start posting more of my less prosaic cooks a la Some ne'er do well Judge somewhere west of OKC! LOL

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      This was an outstanding meal and pretty easy to cook.  The veggies cooked in a foil pack with a little pork rub and olive oil.  The loin cooked indirect at 300°f for about 90 minutes and was pulled at an internal temperature of 148°f.

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