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Howdy Gurus!


It's finally time to say goodbye to the holidays.  The 12 Days of Christmas are about gone and the Holiday Season is over.  I figured it was time to move on and I pulled a turkey roast that I cooked for Thanksgiving out of the freezer.  Some of you may remember this cook .... here is a picture of a turkey and the turkey roast from that cook.  The roast is on the far right of the picture.




So I asked SWMBO, my brother the BBQ Mooch, and my neighbors if they would like some smoked turkey enchiladas.  The resounding answer:  YES!  So I'm presenting a dish of the smoked turkey enchies I made this past weekend.


Here is a look at the turkey roast in a solo shot.  The paring knife is for a size reference.




These roasts have elastic netting to keep the preformed turkey roast in its formed shape.  Here is a shot of that netting cut off the turkey roast.




Here is a shot of the turkey roast right after shredding it.  It's really a lot of turkey!




For an idea of how much turkey this is, here is a shot with a blue latex glove for a size comparison.  The pile of turkey is about 1.5" high.




Now we got to the enchie assembly.  First a layer of spinach and a finely diced sweet onion ...




Next we add a goodly portion of the shredded smoked turkey roast ...




And now we're going to used some smoked cheddar cheese I smoked back in early December along with some of the enchie sauce ...




Repeat 4 more times for this particular dish and pour the remainder of the enchie sauce on top of the enchies in the dish ...




Now top with cheese and a couple of different types of peppers, diced Hatch papers and roasted poblanos, and it's ready to go to the belly of TheBeast ...




Here are the enchies right after getting on the grate ...




Here is the dish of enchies after 75 minutes at 325F ...




And finally, for your viewing pleasure, here is the money shot with Pete The Salt Pig and his new Pig Minions supervising ...




So, stick a fork in the Holidays, they are done for the next 11 months or so!  I hope your Holiday Season was as good as mine and that you enjoyed the show here. Now it's onward and upward for 2015!

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You know, your neighbours must be the luckiest people in the whole world!  :)


Jeffie - good neighbors are good friends!  I just like sharing and I had to find a way to make certain I didn't have any leftovers.  I'm getting back in shape!   :good:  :good:

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Excellent idea CC and yet another fine cook. That pig trio no doubt likes the fact your cooking turkey and not chili verde and carnitas  :)


Yeah, keeper, the Pig Trio is negotiating a set of cooking guidelines!  I think I'm about to become a union shop!   :rofl:  :rofl:


Thanks for the comments!

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Nicely done as usual CC. I too am glad the holiday season is over. I over ate, over drank and under slept for the past 6 weeks and it does get tiresome. Your turkey cooks looks yummy. 


Jay - now it's on to 2015 and many more great cooks by the Gurus here at Kamado Guru.  I think January is the perfect recovery month ... It gives you every reason to stay in and hibernate!


Thanks for the nice words on the cook.  Enchies are so dadgummed easy I almost feel bad about posting them.  But, you can make them so many ways .... Thanks again!  :good:

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It still amazes me how much room there is around your whole turkey when you put it in The Beast. ^_^


Wilbur - what is really amazing is that I could easily fit 4 good sized turkeys total on the main grate and 3 on the extended grate in the done.  I loved my Primo and it was the most efficient cooker I ever used .... until I met TheBeast!  He's something else when it comes to quality and quantity!  

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CC,I might move next to your house,if you'd feed me like that.


Delaware, to coin a phrase ... COME ON DOWN!  Until the place next door is available, you can live in the shed out back!  I'll even let you help with TheBeast!  He likes company.   ;)

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      it was too cold to use the Joetisserie last night so I opted for roasting instead. 
      I decided to make a trurkey breast and roast vegetables in a foil pan using the same method used to cook a spatchcock Turkey.  I just had lump banked to the front and rotated the cook halfway through.  
      This ended-up backfiring on me:  I started to run low on lump with the Turkey still at 155 F; I used the oven to finish the final 5 F for a 160 F finished temp.  The Joe dropped to 225 F from the original 325 F cooking temp.  
      I could’ve added more lump to recover the temp back to 325 F to finish the cook on the Big Joe; it wasn’t worth it for 5 degrees.  The oven finished the turkey in 10 minutes.  
      It was a mistake to run a half load of Maple lump and one halfmoon defector in the insanely bitter cold temps.  I would’ve been better off if I had used a 80% full Kick ash basket of lump with both deflectors in both sides versus trying to use a half load method in the bitter cold. 
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      With temperatures at 40 degrees C (104 Fahrenheit) turning on the oven was not a favourable choice and so placing big bird in the Kamado was the sound choice.
      Only had a KJ for a couple of month now, and the first time I had ever cooked a turkey (regardless of cooking appliance). It was a success!! Some say I’ve now graduated to an adult now that the bird has been conquered, albeit 15 years later than planned.
      With my wife being pregnant I took the road less travelled for my family by not stuffing the bird with the risk of listeria etc and instead I lightly filled the cavity with the aromatics (onion, garlic, lemon, sage, oregano, rosemary) from the brine mixture.
      The quality of the KJ resulting in a more consitent temperature throughout the cook and the fact the bird wasn’t stuffed resulted in a much quicker cook than expected. Meater sounded the alarm to this news which allowed me to save Christmas.
      Meater has caused controversy in this forum, but so far I can’t fault it.
      Happy Cooking!

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